YIA Art Fair Open for Registration

YIA Art Fair runs in Paris 23 – 26 October during FIAC. Founded in 2010 the event supports the emerging contemporary art scene. The fair seeks out unique venues to allow visitors to experience special spaces and this year the participants take over Carreau du Temple. The juxtaposition between the young artists and the historic environment makes for an event that unites classic and contemporary art.

Attracting an audience of 20,000, the four-day fair exposes a selection of emerging and established artists. More than 50 french and international galleries, known for their visionary approach to art, will represent specially selected artists. There will also be numerous discussions and activities, organised around the main fair. This year, YIA is designed by Felix Lévêque who will create open spaces to illustrate the artworks.

Le Carreau du Temple and the fair explore different channels of communication in the various artistic media on display. Celebrating artistic excellence, audiences will have the chance to observe the emerging contemporary art scene and understand the numerous creative connections developing in the industry. Registration for the next edition of the YIA Art Fair held at the Carreau du Temple is now open for applications.

YIA Art Fair, 23 – 26 October, Le Carreau du Temple, Paris.
To apply for the 2014 fair email lafrancaisedesarts@gmail.com or visit www.yia-artfair.com.

1. Hoël Duret Vues de l’exposition, La vie héroïque de B.S. : As a tribute (Acte 1) au Frac des Pays de la Loire, 2013. Dimensions variables, matériaux divers. Pièce unique. Photos © Marc Domage Courtesy de la l’artiste et de la Galerie Dohyang Lee, Paris.