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Aesthetica Artists' Directory: Current Artists' Profiles

The Aesthetica Artists’ Directory is a global network of artists engaging with the professional art world. In print, on our website and in social media we have created a forum for discussion and interactivity where artists, galleries, collectors, critics, curators and enthusiasts can meet and discover art from around the world.

A moving, curated platform of those shaping the industry today, each Directory runs concurrently in our bi-monthly magazine, including print and combined digital profiles that offer a gateway to boundary-pushing practices and innovative modes of thought. Below is a selection from the current issue. To view the artist’s full profile, click the preview.

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Abbey Corbin

Abbey Corbin is fascinated by the idea of reimagining everyday objects to invite new ways of perceiving the world around us.

Abdelkarim Lagder

Specialising in abstraction, Abdelkarim Lagder highlights the complexities of colour and shape as endless possibilities for experimentation.


Patricia Abramovich’s paintings and wearable art are inspired by the merging of colour and the rhythms of applying shapes to a variety of media.

Aliona Kostyukova

Aliona Kostyukova investigates liminal states and dualities – such as crossroads and corridors – through archetypes and mythology.

Amber Gosden

As a multidisciplinary artist, Amber Gosden utilises both photographs and drawings as visual investigations of diverse environments.

Andrew Harrison

Incorporating elements from the urban environment, Andrew Harrison organises layers and colours with a sense of geometric order.

Annamarie Dzendrowskyj

Award-winning artist Annamarie Dzendrowskyj examines different ways of seeing and being, foregrounding moments of ambiguity and The Uncanny.

Annelie Carlström

Award-winning artist Annelie Carlström works with a number of high profile clients on editorial, pattern and package design projects.

Brigitte Lurton

Upon completion of a two-year project involving a 58-metre frieze, Brigitte Lurton’s most recent pieces draw upon life-size human forms.

Brigitte Yoshiko Pruchnow

Brigitte Yoshiko Pruchnow experiments with multimedia to blend analogue methods with a Japanese heritage, playing with light and shadow.

Caterina Lombardi

Caterina Lombardi strives to create highly conceptual photographs, with the aim to encourage conversations about difficult ideas.

Cecilie Neumann Hansen

Cecilie Neumann Hansen produces photographs that combine analogue film with darkroom printing, creating sculptural and imaginary interpretations of the land.

Charlotte Fraigneau

Charlotte Fraigneau’s fine art photography series approaches concepts such as the mental, physical and emotional responses to feeling overwhelmed.

Chris Meigh-Andrews

Chris Meigh-Andrews’ screen-based video and sculptural moving image and sound installations have been exhibited internationally since the mid-1970s.

Christina Galbiati

Christina Galbiati is passionate about emphasising the importance of tangible communication via paper and printed word.

Christopher Perrett

Inspired by the fluid movements, shapes and forms found in nature, Christopher Perrett considers the influence of time on daily life.


Expressive and unapologetically bold, D.O.M.’s new My Queendom series seeks to liberate women from representational constraints by tackling stigmas.

Dagmar Dost-Nolden

Czech-born, Cologne-based artist Dagmar Dost-Nolden is a painter, sculptor and performer. Her work communicates a sense of freedom.

Daniel Holfeld

After years of working as a fine art and fashion photographer, the Morocco series is a breakaway from the style associated with Daniel Holfeld.

Demi Bromfield

Manipulating the notion of haptic criticism, Demi Bromfield's pieces encompass an ambivalent illusion of texture and façade.

Diana Storey Mosaics

Sheffield-based Diana Storey works within schools and local community centres, designing and creating mosaic projects.

Dieneke Tiekstra

Dieneke Tiekstra's works challenge viewers, seeking a balance between abstraction and figurative forms, rebuilding textures from the everyday.

Donna Gough

Donna Gough's works build upon a conceptual framework alluding to Vedic philosophy, quantum thinking and spatial perception.

Dragos Burghiu

Through abstract expressionism, Dragos Burghiu explores the idea of how the viewer can relate to a painting and asks "where does art lose its borders?"

Duša Jesih

Living and working in Ljubljana, Duša Jesih is interested in structural abstraction and colour theory.

Eleni Tsamadia

Based in Athens, Eleni Tsamadia addresses complex ideas through performance, video, sculpture and installation.

Elke Hirsch

Elke Hirsch crafts dishes from certified European precious wood at her studio. She will exhibit her work at Zeughausmesse Berlin, 6-9 December.

Emily Morgan

Emily Morgan's Beneath the Surface began with a documentation of models in their homes – an attempt to move away from what is seen in magazines.

Emir Erkaya

Based in Istanbul, visual artist Emir Erkaya’s works are primarily inspired by contemporary society and political events in Turkey.

Esra Kizir Gokcen

Esra Kizir Gokcen's practice is focused on exploring the daily conflicts in urban life and their effects on human attitudes and behaviour.

Ewa Piotrowska

Ewa Piotrowska is a UK-based artist whose work is influenced by a Polish upbringing and oscillates between socio-political issues.

Feng Zhixuan

Based between China and the UK, Feng Zhixuan specialises in socialist public art, crafting works that critically engage with the world around us.

Gabriella Parisi

Gabriella Parisi is working within the parameters of glitch art and neuroscience. Her latest research explores string theory and the fourth dimension.

Gill Miller

Los Angeles-based Gill Miller takes a vibrant approach to the southern California aesthetic in Urban Summer, Urban Winter.

Giulia Parlato

Giulia Parlato centres her work around Sicilian culture and a sense of loss, referencing ancient archetypes and mythologies.

Houda Bakkali

Beautiful African Woman is the new series by Barcelona-based Houda Bakkali. The artist seeks to pay homage to her African heritage though a straightforward and…

Hua Wang

Utilising clay materials, Hua Wang applies various media to echo the ways in which family stories are woven into an autobiographical structure.

Il Sun Moon

UK-based Il Sun Moon is a multidisciplinary visual designer whose practice includes installation art, design and interactive visualisation.

Jovanna Tosello

Brazilian-American Jovanna Tosello is based in New York. Her pieces are characterised by bright, bold designs which convey movement.

Judith Cordeaux

Judith Cordeaux's current body of work explores and questions historic perceptions and expectations of women’s lives.

Laura Carter

Laura Carter has long been interested in materials and the process of image-making: how a photograph becomes an object.

Louise Galea

In an age where society is centred around the dissemination of visual media, Louise Galea’s works traverse a line between fine art and the human condition.

Mark Edmonds

Inspired by his post-industrial surroundings, Mark Edmonds combines paint and raw materials in a fusion of iridescent colour.

Miriam Griffiths Knitwear

London College of Fashion graduate Miriam Griffiths has built an award-winning, small-scale knitwear label based in Sheffield.

Mohsen Modiri

Iran-based Mohsen Modiri is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice includes visual art, music and literature.

Molly Behagg

Molly Behagg works with historical and alternative photographic processes to explore light, colour and architectural space.

Ocean Loren Baulcombe-Toppin

Ocean Loren utilises fine art practices to explore ontology. Her current series is (A Mapping of) The Way Things Go.

Oliver Martyn

Oliver Martyn attempts to shatter the "seriousness" of art and its history through humorous and absurd interventions.

Ragnar B. Varga

Known for a distinct monochrome aesthetic, each image by Ragnar B. Varga is a reflection upon various global environments.

Roland Blum

Liechtenstein-based Roland Blum specialises in abstract aerial photography. His latest series Poetry of Silence was created in the Sperrgebiet, in the Namib Desert.

Sandra Morellato

Sandra Morellato has a degree in architecture; training to draw landscapes and cityscapes has had a profound effect on her paintings.

Santiago Ribeiro

Santiago Ribeiro is currently organising the 2018 International Surrealism Now exhibition in Coimbra, Portugal, from 17 November.

Sara Lee Roberts

Searching for a presence – human or otherwise – Sara Lee Roberts’s abstract and figurative paintings play with space and light.

Sheau Ming Song

Sheau Ming Song's artwork demonstrates the issues of two-dimensional representation, and documents the visual possibilities of painting materials.

Siobhan Purdy

Siobhan Purdy paints in oils, building history through the layers of colour and alluding to memory and familial relationships.

Sue Mann

Sue Mann explores the sensory experience of architecture through drawing.

Terrance Keenan

Artist, writer and Zen Buddhist monk Terrance Keenan spends every day trying to put into form that which cannot be seen or spoken.

Thomas W Kuppler

Through a process of methodological experimentation, Thomas W Kuppler seeks to expand the conventional limits of form and dichotomy between the visible and the invisible.

Tolmie MacRae

Transimmanence is the current series of video work from Australian-born, Germany-based artist Tolmie MacRae.

Vincent da Vinci

UK-based Vincent da Vinci is known for an abstract use of Post-Pop Art lines superimposed with playable wordsearches.

Xiaowei Chen

Xiaowei Chen works in the USA and China. She is known for dense and intricate drawings in figuration and abstraction.

Yulia Iosilzon

Yulia Iosilzon produces fragmented narratives across large-scale works; silk and cotton paintings communicate both delicacy and bold themes.

Yunhan Liu

Yunhan Liu concentrates on the interactive dialogue between audiences and environments, based on the notion of the sublime.

Yusuke Sugiyama

Rather than as divisions or oppositions, Yusuke Sugiyama uses the concept of boundaries to explore the spaces in-between.