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Aesthetica Artists' Directory: Current Artists' Profiles

The Aesthetica Artists’ Directory is a global network of artists engaging with the professional art world. In print, on our website and in social media we have created a forum for discussion and interactivity where artists, galleries, collectors, critics, curators and enthusiasts can meet and discover art from around the world.

A moving, curated platform of those shaping the industry today, each Directory runs concurrently in our bi-monthly magazine, including print and combined digital profiles that offer a gateway to boundary-pushing practices and innovative modes of thought. Below is a selection from the current issue. To view the artist’s full profile, click the preview.

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Aardenburg & De Vries

Photographic duo Aardenburg & De Vries create dynamic compositions that build on reality, with a minimum of post-production enhancement.

Aili Vint

Aili Vint’s art practice is inspired by water and spans VR and digital light installations, as well as paintings and digital collages. She notes: “My…

Ana Junko

Spanish photographer Ana Junko explores the interplay between light and darkness as a visual language.

Angela Di Finizio

Naples-based photographer Angela Di Finizio explores hidden aspects of humanity, producing a highly personal geography of places and figures.

Anna Belleforte

With a background in architectural conservation, Anna Belleforte translates scale and perspective into spaces that are familiar yet thought-provoking

Anne Louise Blicher

Anne Louise Blicher is a Danish printmaker and oil painter who examines the inner potential of objects and materials.

Beata Guzinska

Fashion designer Beata Guzinska's latest collection is entitled KASH and is distinguished by bold use of colour and religious motifs.

Brett Dyer

Brett Dyer's recent work combines figures with evocative colours and patterns, revealing the complexity of the human spirit.

Brigitte Yoshiko Pruchnow

Brigitte Yoshiko Pruchnow experiments with multimedia to blend analogue methods with a Japanese heritage, playing with light and shadow.

Carla Cescon

Carla Cescon constructs set-like compositions, capturing them as sequences of movement and light.

Célia Hay

Célia Hay’s first feature film Aphra and Aradia, commissioned by the Institute of Contemporary Arts, premiered in November in London.

Chad Wong

The concept of “double displacement” drives Chad Wong's work, uncovering the past as a means to establish an authentic identity.

Cho, Hui-Chin

Through a practice primarily concerned with painting and sculpture, Cho, Hui-Chin demonstrates a deep interest in the amalgamation of materials.

David Dejous

Paris-based David Dejous works to reveal the paradoxes within images, considering their equivocal nature and their ambiguities.

David Hinterkörner

Through his paintings David Hinterkörner searches for the ideal combination of structure, colour and emotion.

Diana Savostaite

Painter Diana Savostaite considers her process akin to a diary, where daily moments and combine with a joyful approach to mediums and materials.

Duša Jesih

Living and working in Ljubljana, Duša Jesih is interested in structural abstraction and colour theory.

Eleanor Rickard

Utilising primarily analogue processes, photographer Eleanor Rickard seeks narrative in both the landscapes and the people she encounters.

Ezra Enzo

With an emphasis on materiality, Ezra Enzo’s pieces examine the boundaries between land, language, femininity and power.

Francesca Centioni Dene

In her practice, Francesca Centioni Dene uses analogue and alternative photographic processes, including printmaking and collage.


The tactile, colourful qualities of Gliska's works are representative of paintings which often dominate the viewer's perception.

Gudrun Nielsen

Through her Mountain series, Icelandic sculptor Gudrun Nielsen addresses human impact within contemporary cityscapes.

Heesoo Agnes Kim

Through video works Heesoo Agnes Kim plays upon the notion of dreams and deals with issues of identity

Houda Bakkali

Beautiful African Woman is the new series by award-winning, Barcelona-based Houda Bakkali. The artist seeks to pay homage to her African heritage though a straightforward…

Ian Heslop

Inspired by the surrounding landscapes of rural Cumbria in the UK, Ian Heslop creates dynamic large-scale oil paintings.

Ioanna Sakellaraki

Ioanna Sakellaraki's work is inspired by the power of recalling and rebuilding memory from the nonexistent.

Jaehee Yoo

Seoul-based Jaehee Yoo’s abstracted paintings allude to the South Korean landscape.

James De Vere

Australia-based James De Vere creates fine art using traditional media. He is also an avid traveller, gathering inspiration from international locations.

Janis Cornelius

Janis Cornelius paints landscapes and seascapes of the UK and Antigua, as well as portraiture of Londoners in their workplaces.

Joshua Armitage

Joshua Armitage is a painter based in London. His work fuses observations made in the present with layers of personal memory and experience.

Kayleigh Jayne Harris

To draw a line on a surface is also to enable that surface to take form from that gesture. As such, Harris considers her work to be a collaboration.

Kench Lott

American artist Kench Lott creates visual paradoxes – an experimental and playful example of 21st century sculpture.

Kristin Bedford

Pushing the boundaries of aesthetics and social realism, Kristin Bedford's photography explores race, visual stereotypes and self-expression.

Leanne Claxton

Uniting art and fashion as one, each of Leanne Claxton's scarves intertwines drawing, painting, screenprinting and digital printing.

Lucas Redondo Bonet

Lucas Redondo Bonet is a Spanish painter based in South Korea, where he currently teaches figurative art.

Luis Fraile

The work of painter Luis Fraile (1947-2016) is complex and unsettling; his pieces feature endless transformations with ambitious yet controlled expressionism.

Martin Cole

Martin Cole's series of images was created in Palermo; it comprises the practice-based outcome of his ongoing PhD research in Photography.

Matthew Rimmer

Matthew Rimmer's works draw parallels between aquariums, minimalist sculpture and the sublime, exploring the realms of submerged physics and colour.

May Parlar

New York-based May Parlar is a photography and video artist creating visual narratives exploring identity, belonging and time.

Michael Harris Wilson

A creative and conservation artist, Michael Harris Wilson works with painting, sculpture and photography.

Nicole Renee Ryan

USA-based painter Nicole Renee Ryan uses the landscape as a way to explore the complex interactions of memory and imagination.

Peng-Yu Chen

Peng-Yu Chen is a Taiwanese digital artist, inspired by computer animation, gaming and globalised content.

Peter Georgakis

Australia-based artist Peter Georgakis takes a multi-disciplinary approach to his compositions, creating multilayered, uncanny images.

Richard Shipley

Richard Shipley's technique has evolved into abstraction – shadows and lines cast soft impressions across each piece.

Roland Blum

Liechtenstein-based Roland Blum specialises in abstract aerial photography. His latest series Poetry of Silence was created in the Sperrgebiet, in the Namib Desert.

Sharon Alviz

Puerto Colombia-based Sharon Alviz is a conceptual artist interested in the urban landscape.

Sonya Rademeyer & Chloe Lam

Sonya Rademeyer and Chloe Lam created I Am Because You Are – a video performance that comments on relationships and a social responsibility towards the environment.

Stéphanie Langard

Stéphanie Langard has developed a passion for fine art informed by a variety of materials and techniques.

Stephen Wilson

Addressing the intersection of traditional craft with contemporary culture, Stephen Wilson questions the categorisation of mediums that designates what is and is not considered as fine art.

Suzanne Taylor

Suzanne Taylor is an interdisciplinary artist whose work investigates the psychopathology of social disorganisation.

Tom Pettis

Of particular interest to Tom Pettis is the theme of time – its ongoing narrative and its relationship to the human condition.

Victoria General

Charcoal artist Victoria General evokes a sense of familiarity within unexplored corners of the urban environment.

Yuanhao Gu

Beijing-born Yuanhao Gu attends Whitman College, where he combines traditional Chinese painting techniques with western art training.

Yuki Ioroi

Based in Rotterdam, Yuki Ioroi produces threedimensional pieces that incorporate words as a representation of human behaviour.