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Aesthetica Artists' Directory: Current Artists' Profiles

The Aesthetica Artists’ Directory is a global network of artists engaging with the professional art world. In print, on our website and in social media we have created a forum for discussion and interactivity where artists, galleries, collectors, critics, curators and enthusiasts can meet and discover art from around the world.

A moving, curated platform of those shaping the industry today, each Directory runs concurrently in our bi-monthly magazine, including print and combined digital profiles that offer a gateway to boundary-pushing practices and innovative modes of thought. Below is a selection from the current issue. To view the artist's full profile, click the preview.

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Acrymx is a Paris-based artist interested in abstraction in all its forms, from the geometrical to the lyrical.

Akinori Towma

Akinori Towma harnesses the power of natural phenomena such as sunlight, snow, rain and lightning to produce his artworks.

Aliette Bretel

Aliette Bretel is a Cambridge-based Peruvian photographer and visual artist. She is a graduate of El Centro de la Imagen in Lima.

Alma Štrkljević

Alma Štrkljević’s photography examines the relationships between photographer and viewer and between the photographer and the model.

Anca Stefanescu

For Anca Stefanescu, time is a constructed concept and painting is a practice through which she finds a connection of life, devoid of context.

Anton Hoeger

Anton Hoeger’s paintings offer a realist apolitical stance, rejecting satire as a reading and instead focusing on inventive narratives.

Arturo Correa

Arturo Correa is an American-Venezuelan visual artist. Materiality and spirituality, pain and love, yearning and hope are all reflected in the work.

Ben Dobson

Cambridge-based Ben Dobson explores texture, colour and light using organic and mineral matter prepared for the microscope and camera.

Changyeon Lee

Changyeon Lee is a New York-based artist; he specialises in kinetic sculpture through the use of mechanical components and natural objects.

Chisato Yasui

Through her work Japan-based artist Chisato Yasui visualises concepts such as harmony and emotions surrounding relationships.

Claudia Pombo

Brazilian-Dutch painter Claudia Pombo offers an adapted view of nature and human situations via different forms of creative expression.

Darrin Jenkins

Darrin Jenkins is a multi award-winning photographer. Utilising the latest techniques he explores composition, emotion and elegance.

David Good

David Good is a Brooklyn-based artist and designer whose work examines the role of the Internet in society.

Dean Rossiter

Dean Rossiter investigates how contradiction can become a vital tool for re-engaging in a modern world.

Denholm Berry

Milan-based British artist Denholm Berry approaches portraiture with an innovative and unconventional methodology.

Emily Tapp

Emily Tapp investigates the mining and quarrying industries of Cornwall, excavating colour from the local land to produce unique artworks.

Emma Habbeshon

Emma Habbeshon is a studio jeweller based in London. Working in silver and gold, her designs explore qualities of form and surface texture.

Eric Wiles

Northern California-based artist Eric Wiles combines fine art and landscape photography to reveal dynamic images of natural beauty and manmade objects. A contemporary approach has…

Eva Vázquez Abraham

Spanish artist Eva Vázquez Abraham, aka Kokonekoeve, is based in Barcelona; she works with textile art, painting, drawing and sculpture.

Francesca Busca

At the heart of Francesca Busca’s practice is the notion of rethinking, reusing and repurposing materials through a variety of mediums.

Gerard Byrne

London-based Irish artist Gerard Byrne’s extensive practice represents a versatility in contemporary painting.

Gill Miller

Los Angeles-based Gill Miller takes a vibrant approach to the southern California aesthetic in Urban Summer, Urban Winter.

Harriet Moutsopoulos

Harriet Moutsopoulos is a collage artist who works under the name Lexicon Love. She seeks out the connections between humour and tragedy.

Harry Bunce

Harry Bunce’s Sorry… series explores ways of representing the same ambiguous character in various settings within different media.

Hasti Sardashti

Iranian-born Hasti Sardashti is based in London. Her work addresses experiences of migration and a life in perpetual motion.


Alice Merhautová has a strong connection to nature. She works with collected stones and minerals to create jewellery and other objects.

Isobel Egan

Working exclusively with porcelain, award-winning artist Isobel Egan takes inspiration from architecture, memory and emotion.

Jamie Hladky

Jamie Hladky’s photographic practice is formed around sense of place; he is interested in feelings of transience, permanency, identity and belonging.

Jane Gottlieb

California-based Jane Gottlieb creates an idyllic vision by enhancing, collaging and painting her photographs using Photoshop.

Jane Runchman

London-based Jane Runchman works primarily with gold and a variety of precious and semi-precious stones to create bespoke jewellery.

Janice Gobey

Janice Gobey hopes to forge a connection with the viewer, allowing them to sense the emotions of the human and animal subjects in her paintings.

Jason Clarke

Jason Clarke uses art therapy to manage his bipolar disorder. It helps to release the pressure in his head from disturbing voices and visions.

Jean Davis

California-based Jean Davis explores the balance between transience, stability and intention in her painting.

Jessie Pitt

Jessie Pitt is an Australian artist based in Austria, whose contemporary landscapes are inspired by mountains, light and shadow.

Joseph Hillier

Joseph Hillier combines traditional sculpture casting and construction techniques with live motion capture technology and 3D scanning.

Julijana Ravbar

Through the use of colour, light and texture, Julijana Ravbar invites the viewer to see an optimistic world expressed through the power of shapes and tones, rather than pictures or words.

Karla Guerrero

Mexico City-based Karla Guerrero explores the poetry that resides in spaces, objects and nature, depicting the image within imaginary scenarios.

Kat Gaidukova

Dubai-based Kat Gaidukova challenges the frenetic pace of modern life through portraits that express people’s identities in raw moments.

Kerry Zacharia

Kerry Zacharia investigates the relationship between the inner and external environments that represent past and present experiences.

Laurent Peacock

Laurent Peacock is a Sussex-based furniture designer who combines a fascination with materials and human emotion.

María Ossandón Recart

María Ossandón Recart’s Reconstruction is based upon the collection and reconstruction of broken ceramics from across the world.

Markus Gollner

Photographic and artistic alterations are at the centre of Markus Gollner’s creations; his latest series is entitled Subway.

Matthew Adam Ross

American artist Matthew Adam Ross considers his practice to be a line of enquiry. It is an expression of the questions we usually only ask ourselves.

Meng Zhou

At the heart of artist Meng Zhou’s work is a conversation between tradition and modernity.

Mhairi Ballantyne

In her recent artworks, painter Mhairi Ballantyne is drawn to the allure of distant places. The immersive environments created are remote yet within reach, imparting…

Mina Talaee

Tehran-based Mina Talaee is an artist and researcher. Her work addresses power relations, cultural hegemony, displacement and migration.

Misa Sawairi

Misa Sawairi is a New York-based Japanese spatial artist and designer. The series Ripple Trip utilises urban streets as a canvas.

Nikolaos Mantziaris

Nikolaos Mantziaris is a Greek artist and dentist whose work is mostly inspired from social problems and the impact they have on humankind.

Nina Ullrich

Nina Ullrich is a London-based designer. Each piece is handmade in an intricate process and echos the brand’s philosophy for exquisite artistry.

Peter Coates

Peter Coates is a UK-based artist who combines his graphic design training, use of vibrant colour and imaginative imagery to produce lasting pictures. His art…

Pierre Geier

Pierre Geier is a German digital pinup illustrator from Saxony. His artwork combines alternative portraiture with pop culture, sci-fi and fantasy.

Priyanka Shah

Priyanka Shah is a London-based textile designer; she develops geometric patterns from two dimensions into three-dimensional installations.


RosaCristina is a collaboration between Justin Smith and Sonia Janin, which looks at the ideas surrounding a sense of place and identity.

Sophie Zhang

Beijing born, London-based artist Sophie Zhang creates a meeting point between imagination and memory in her work.

Tejbir Singh

Tejbir Singh is an artist and architect based in Bahrain. Architectural influences are visible in his streetscapes, heritage and urban landscapes.

Wioletta Gancarz

Wioletta Gancarz is a Polish abstract painter living in Switzerland. She enjoys exploring the beauty of colours and simple shapes via a fluid process.

Yoko Kubrick

Yoko Kubrick is a California-based sculptor and visual artist. Her work explores organic forms that embody sensuality and a connection with nature.


YSD comprises a trio of UAL graduate designers who combine their varied disciplines to create unexpected organic outcomes.