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Fluctuating Selfhood

An exhibition at The Finnish Museum of Photography examines the shifting nature of identity.

Transient Cities

Each practitioner featured in an exhibition at Joseph Bellows Gallery captures the urban landscape in unique ways.

5 to See: This Weekend

Expanding perceptions, the selection for 16-17 December investigates new ways of seeing the world.

Social Environments

Hatje Cantz’s new release, Koexistenzen, tracks Walter Niedermayr’s fascination with the unique community of Fiemme Valley in South Tyrol.

Interrelated Spheres

Museum der Moderne, Salzburg, examines the changing notion of space through its representation in photography.

Monumental Details

In celebration of Thomas Ruff’s first major London retrospective Whitechapel Gallery, London, National Portrait Gallery, London, displays selected works from the photographer’s Porträts (Portraits) series. The large-scale…

Unreal Quotidian

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, is the world’s largest salt flat. This exceptional environment forms the backdrop for Scarlett Hooft Graafland’s images.

Cultural Documents

Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York, foregrounds moments of American history and culture through Steve Schapiro’s oeuvre

Formal Tragedies

Andreas Gursky’s series records the artist’s interest in environmental issues, reflecting the tragic beauty of the world’s waterways .

Fresh Directions

The Center for Photography at Woodstock explores the state of the human condition through the work of eighteen practitioners.

Haunting Realities

Practitioners from Taiwan explore the lasting effects of authoritarianism, social ideology, environmental disaster and international politics.

Shared Tangibility

Viviane Sassen’s series, Roxane II, documents the intimate reciprocal relationship between the photographer and her muse.

Complex Vignettes

To portray the complexities of daily life, Cig Harvey creates intimate portraits of family members and close friends.

Elevated Practice

Through aerial photography, Jeffrey Milstein draws a unique portrait of New York and Los Angeles.

Idle Reflections

Ikuru Kuwadjima’s photobook, I, Oblomov, uncovers a strange state of inertia and lethargy that defines the contemporary condition.

Technological Exhibits

Fariba Farshad, founding director of Photo London, reflects on the significance of the solo show in the digital age.

Illuminating Truths

Shedding light on the state of post-war America, Robert Frank’s images draw a striking portrait of the nation at a pivotal moment in history.

Sacred Forms

A new publication by Hatje Cantz focuses on Finnish photographer Ola Kolehmainen, capturing space and light in places of worship.

Technicolour Representations

Joel Meyerowitz transformed the genre of street photography through a pioneering and striking use of colour.

Virtual Nature

Andreas Gefeller’s intentionally overexposed and abstracted compositions transform organic forms into something almost virtual

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