Aesthetica Magazine Issue 81

February / March 2018

It’s overwhelming to look at the current state-of-play. There is so much happening, from technology and the environment to politics and society. What is happening to our notions of culture and identity? It’s a time of unprecedented change, something I can’t distance myself from because everything is interrelated. Sometimes, I feel like we need to get a reality check, but the ways in which communication and humanity are evolving (for the good or the bad) are worth understanding. We also need to talk about plastic (although when delivered by post this magazine comes poly-wrapped, it’s in oxy-biodegradable plastic). The statistics are staggering. We must all cut back, even though that means choosing less convenient options.

This issue pays homage to the power of the individual, promoting and demonstrating the idea that there is still hope. We aren’t, in reality, becoming a conveyer belt of human beings; the one thing that makes us special is our ability to continually create and innovate. London-based fashion company Unmade is tackling mass production and fast fashion by offering consumers the chance to create bespoke items through digital customisation. Similarly, Emre Yunus Uzun is using organic materials to construct beautiful objects that resist the idea of disposable furnishings. His foray into the design world also highlights the resurgence of “making” and how we need to support new and emerging artisans. Along the same lines – but at the other end of the spectrum – we look at how water can enhance architectural projects. Although the budgets are steep, there is a growing interest in how natural and manmade environments can co-exist.

In photography, we re-assess the nuance of structures with George Byrne, Yener Torun and Sallie Harrison. Anastasia Cazabon, much in the tradition of Cig Harvey, looks at the details of everyday objects and how they define who we are. Our cover photographer Vikram Kushwah works between fine art and fashion photography, leaving images that are both beautiful and conceptually rewarding. Finally, in Last Words, we speak with David Drake about 40 years of the Ffotogallery in Cardiff. Enjoy!

Future Now

100 Contemporary Artists 2017

Recognising both innovation and creativity, the Aesthetica Art Prize anthology showcases captivating projects from some of today’s leading artists, both established and emerging, across four categories: Photographic & Digital Art; Painting, Drawing & Mixed Media; Three-Dimensional Design & Sculpture; and Video, Installation & Performance.

From individual narratives to global concerns, the artworks comment on contemporary culture and explore themes such as alienation in the digital age, the intersection between public and private spaces, sensory experiences and the transient nature of life in the 21st century. As the boundaries between the public and the private begin to merge into blurred depictions of reality, contemporary art is a mechanism that enables us to respond to a renewed understanding of living.

The 2017 collection unites 100 artists from countries worldwide, including Australia, Austria, Brazil, Germany, Canada, the UK and the USA, providing an outstanding selection from over 3,500 submissions and a glimpse into the shifting landscape of creative expression. Through data maps, re-purposed sculptures, large-scale installations and conceptual negotiations of colour, this year’s Prize provides a diverse and emotionally responsive selection that looks to the future and reassesses the very notion of existence in an unprecedented time.

Creative Writing Annual

2018 Edition

The Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual celebrates established and emerging writers through a unique showcase of talent and imagination. This inspiring anthology includes a shortlist of 60 writers from the international literary prize, including a winner from both poetry and short fiction.

Harnessing the boundless potential of language with a variety of styles and techniques, the 2018 finalists offer limitless, unforgettable worlds.

Readers are invited to reconsider the human condition through inspirational, experimental and truly original narratives.

Creative Package

This is the ultimate package. Inspirational and elegant, it includes:

  • Future Now: 100 Contemporary Artists 2017
    This anthology showcases cutting-edge practice from today’s ground-breaking creatives. Through artists’ statements and critical essays, it invites you to discover global concepts through pioneering art and design.
  • Creative Writing Annual 2018
    This collection of outstanding new short fiction and poetry from across the world, alongside introductions by literary experts. This absorbing compendium promises to inspire you long after reading.
  • One-year subscription to Aesthetica Magazine
    On top of all this, you receive a 12 month subscription to Aesthetica Magazine, bringing you six issues packed full with the best in contemporary art and culture across the year.

With the Creative Package, you’ll be kept up-to-date with current trends as they develop across the international art world, and will gain insights into the work of leading practitioners shaping contemporary visual culture.

The Aesthetica Art Prize is Now Open for Entries

Hosted by Aesthetica Magazine, the Aesthetica Art Prize is a celebration of excellence in art from across the world. It offers both emerging and established artists the opportunity to showcase their work to a wider audience, and further their engagement with the international art world. The Judging Panel enhances its position in the industry, bringing together specialists from leading cultural institutions.

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The Aesthetica Creative Writing Award is Now Open for Entries

Hosted by Aesthetica Magazine, The Aesthetica Creative Writing Award is an international literary prize that celebrates excellence in Poetry and Short Fiction. With the aim to support and nurture new writing talent, it awards £1,000 cash prize to each category winner, plus publication within an inspiring anthology to a shortlist of 60 writers.

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Issue 81

Beyond the Horizon: George Byrne, Yener Torun, Sallie Harrison, Eric Ogden, Anastasia Cazabon, Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy and Vikram Kushwar.

Issue 80

Collective Regeneration: Stephen Shore, Cig Harvey, Kevin Cooley, Tekla Evelina Severin, Clarissa Bonet, Tania Franco Klein and Dean Bradshaw.

Issue 79

A New Normal: Elise Mesner, Eric Dufour, Hayley Eichenbaum, Metz + Racine, Kelsey McClellan, Kovi Konowiecki, Benoit Paillé and Alec Soth

Issue 78

Mapping the Present: Jonathan Knowles, Ben Zank, Julia Körner, Matthieu Belin, Marcus Palmqvist, Maik Lipp, Sylvain Biard, Paul et Martin

Issue 77

State of Flux: Jimmy Marble, Steve Bainbridge, Andreas Gefeller, Giovanni Gastel, Reine Paradis, Jenny Holzer, Romain Thiery, Nikola Olic.

Issue 76

Understanding the Contemporary Condition: Feridun Akgüngör, Hideaki Hamada, Diffusion Photography Festival, Sally / Emily, Ethetics.

Issue 75

Making Sense of the Future: JUCO, Anna Di Prospero, Reginald Van de Velde, Ricardo Bofill, United Visual Artists, Elemental Living.

Issue 74

Social Ingenuity: Lauren Marsolier, Gregory Crewdson, Romina Ressia, Patrick Joust, Giorgio Stefanoni, Cristina Coral, Julio Le Parc.

Issue 73

Intuitive Connections: Sebastian Weiss, Mária Švarbová, Natalia Evelyn Bencicova, Aurélien Villette and Ben Thomas, Chiharu Shiota.

Issue 72

Addressing Transition: Michael Wolf, Gabriel Isak, Frédéric Delangle, Benoit Paillé, Rebecca Louise Law, The Next Generation 2016.

Issue 71

Bold Opposition: Jacques Ferrier, James Casebere, Kristina Varaksina, Clemens Ascher, Ori Gersht, Holly Andres, Marie Hald.

Issue 70

Process versus Outcome: Laurent Kronental, Christopher Payne, Alicia Savage, Cara Barer, Pierre Paulin, Photo London, Joshua Jordan.

Issue 69

Visionary Progression: Saul Leiter, Women Photographers from the Arab World, Eric Ogden, Julia Hetta, Amy Harrity.

Issue 68

Past Presence: Maia Flore, Olafur Eliasson, Evgenia Arbugaeva, Iris van Herpen, Kourtney Roy, Ari Gabel, Tom Kundig, Emma Hartvig.

Issue 67

Structural Exchange: Lilli Waters, Guillaume Lechat, Greg Girard, René & Radka, Pedro Costa and Emily Jacir.

Issue 66

Bespoke Ingenuity: Sarah Charlesworth, Matthieu Venot, Laurent Chehere, David Adjaye, Ellen Kooi and Dutch fashion.

Issue 65

Designing Innovation: Lori Nix, Ellie Davies, Carlo Cafferini, Kostas Murkudis, Caio Reisewitz and Candida Höfer.

Issue 64

Insight and intrigue: Jürgen Schrepfer, Anja Niemi, Guillaume Grasset, Yossi Michaeli, Astrid Verhoef and Eskil Vogt.

Issue 63

Experimentation with the new: Barbara Kasten, Douglas Coupland, Dries Van Noten, Viviane Sassen, Lynda Benglis and Matthias Heiderich.

Issue 62

The idea of the unconventional with Anne Collier, Frank Gehry, Reiner Ruthenbeck, Guy Bourdin, Todd Hido and Julie Cockburn.

Issue 61

Progress and change: The Future of Fashion is Now, Lee Boroson, Olafur Eliasson, Stephen Shore, Barry Cawston and Richard Tuschman.

Issue 60

The 60th edition of Aesthetica celebrates innovation: Annette Messager, Christopher Williams, Robert Capa and Susan Hiller.

Issue 59

The idea of the unexpected: Barbara Kruger, Louis Kahn, Robert Adams, Stan Douglas, Matt Henry, Thomas Jorion and Michel Gondry.

Issue 58

Artistic output: Ernesto Neto, Bernard Tschumi, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Phil Bergerson, Nadia Lee Cohen, Kourtney Roy and Richard Ayoade.

Issue 57

Experimentation is the key component to innovation: Martin Creed, Isaac Julien, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alex Prager and Sam Heydt.

Issue 56

Reflecting on the past and future: Paul Smith, Isa Genzken, Philippe Parreno, Cally Whitham, Maroesjka Lavigne and Cornelia Parker.

Issue 55

Redefinitions as a way of constructing new meaning: Elmgreen & Dragset, Alejandro Chaskielberg and Philip-Lorca diCorcia.

Issue 54

Boundary pushing artists: Jason Rhoades, James Turrell, Martin Parr, Tony Ray-Jones, Julie Blackmon and Gail Albert Halaban.

Issue 53

New Structures: Alfredo Jaar, Rodney Graham, Jasmina Cibic, Miles Aldridge, Michael Craig-Martin, Ben Wheatley, Formento & Formento.

Issue 52

Cultural Intersections: Amalia Pica, Julio Le Parc, Rudy Burckhardt, Bharat Sikka, Pedro Reyes, Astrid Kruse Jensen and Akram Khan.

Issue 51

Material Impact: Abraham Cruzvillegas, Thomas Zanon-Larcher, Garry Winogrand, Michael Eastman and Marquis Montes.

Issue 50

The 10th Anniversary Issue: Sanja Iveković, Dorothy Bohm, Isa Genzken, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alex Prager and Evgenia Arbugaeva.

Issue 49

Collaboration is a catalyst for unexpected outcomes: William Klein, Daido Moriyama, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and Tim Walker.

Issue 48

Unexpected moments: Penelope Slinger, Cig Harvey, Akif Hakan Celebi, Ed Atkins, Alastair Siddons and Malik Bendjelloul.

Issue 47

New ways of seeing: Edgar Martins, Jimmie Durham, Mel Karch, Matthew Akers, Marina Abramović, Martina Gusman and Polly Morgan.

Issue 46

Critical thinking and wider narratives: Jeremy Cooper, Los Carpinteros, Roger Ballen, David Creedon, Jeff Hahn and Karl Markovics.

Issue 45

Exploration and re-examination: Cindy Sherman, British Design 1948-2012 at the V&A, Shilpa Gupta, Jes Benstock and Staves.

Issue 44

Locating identity: Sharon Lockhart at SFMOMA, Anselm Kiefer, Zarina Bhimji, Pablo Giorgelli and Christoph Benjamin Schulz.

Issue 43

Interconnectivity of art and politics: Soviet Art and Architecture 1915-1935, the Turner Prize, Silja Magg, Sallie Aprahamian and Frankie Shea.

Issue 42

Time and awareness: Style and Subversion 1970-1990, Robert Irwin, James Turrell, Charles Matton and Mariah Robertson.

Issue 41

Cultural transformations: Bruce Nauman, Jason Schembri, Cory Arcangel, Marina Abramović, Semih Kaplanoğlu and Underground Railroad.

Issue 40

In the spirit of celebration: James Turrell, Wim Wenders, Alice Anderson, Kate MccGwire, Zoë Gray, Pedro Janeiro and Matt Bissonnette.

Issue 39

Redefining visual culture: Anna Parkina, Haroon Mirza, Susan Hiller, Stefanie Braun, Deutsche Börse Photography Prize and Marc Evans.

Issue 38

The first decade of the new millennium: Art Fashion Identity at the Royal Academy, David Spiller, Gilles de Beauchêne and Alan Haydon.

Issue 37

Achievement in the face of adversity: Neeta Madahar, Mechanical Couture, Rebecca Handler, Clio Barnard and Andrea Dunbar.

Issue 36

The current state of play: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Stuart Brisley, Javier Fuentes-León, Jannica Honey, Ruffians and Rob Da Bank.

Issue 35

A celebration of bold risk taking: Jonathan Wateridge, Jerwood Contemporary Makers, Sean Raggett and Frightened Rabbit.

Issue 34

Exchange of ideas: Marina Abramović, Stuart Semple, CONTACT photography festival, Yorgos Lathimos and Rufus Wainwright.

Issue 33

Ingenuity, innovation and pushing artistic boundaries: OH! YOU PRETTY THINGS, From Floor to Sky, Bani Abidi and Martin Koolhoven.

Issue 32

Digital world: Barbara Kruger, Tim Burton, Digital Design Sensations at the V&A, Yojiro Takita, A.A. Bondy and Simon Robson.

Issue 31

Challenging the boundaries of art and fashion: Martin Parr, Contemporary Art from the Middle East, Alex Box, Telekinesis! and Keith Donohue.

Issue 30

The 30th edition: Rankin, Bob & Roberta Smith, Grayson Perry, Chika Unigwe, Woodstock, Sally Potter, Metta Theatre and Neil Forsyth.