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Dynamic Gradations

“Love happens here” is a phrase found across London this month. The Photographers’ Gallery who show their solidarity with an offsite exhibition.

5 To See

Offering a global perspective on digital and societal changes, these exhibitions document the pivotal transitions of an era.

Cultural Iconography

Olga Lomaka plays with recognisable images and products of consumerism, pooling contrasting beliefs to give a second meaning to hidden symbols.

Concrete Worlds

Founding directors of The Modern House Matt Gibberd and Albert Hill shine a new light on Modernist architecture from the 1920s to the present day.

Visualising Unrest

The 1980s were a turbulent time in Britain; this decade is the focus of The Place is Here, an exhibition set between the South London Gallery and MIMA.

Documenting History

Kurt Tong’s (b. 1977) current exhibition The Queen, The Chairman and I, reflects upon the self as an amalgamation of disparate parts.

Illuminating Space

Gleaming Lights of the Souls by Yayoi Kusama remains a beautiful part of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

Connective Threads

Yusuke Sugiyama uses the concept of boundaries to explore the spaces in between; somewhere between abstraction and embodiment, reality and memory.

Urban Dialogues

A new, wide-ranging exhibition from the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs attempts to tackle some of the biggest issues facing cities today.

Capturing Intimacy

American photographer Emma Elizabeth Tillman (b. 1986) evokes everyday nuances in her debut series Disco Ball Soul (2017).

Transitional Painting

Nu’a Bön is a Hawai’i-born artist influenced by spiritulaity. He explores sacred places and sites of human conflict in the sumi-e style.

Textural Composition

Hanna Tuulikki’s startling and lyrical Air falbh leis na h-eòin | Away with the Birds, is grounded in the ecological rather than the fantastical.

Structural Thresholds

Karl Kobitz’s collection of some of Milan’s most architecturally intriguing entryways or “Ingressi”, is a visually impressive work.

Excavating Identities

White Cube’s latest exhibition reveals how there is a vast and raging female presence amongst those associated with the surrealist movement.

International Platforms

Photofairs Shanghai is Asia Pacific’s leading contemporary art fair dedicated to photography and moving image.

Pivotal Transitions

States of America (2017) is the the largest overview of North American documentary photography in recent years.  

Authentic Observations

Huis Marseille, Amsterdam, brings together a collection of Jamie Hawkseworth’s images offering a nuanced and empathetic portrayal of England.

Emotive Cinematography

MACK publish stills from Richard Mosse’s Incoming, a film that captures the refugee crisis through thermographic weapons and imaging technology.

Global Platforms

Unseen Amsterdam is devoted to identifying, and fostering the talents of emerging and established innovators.

Alternative Spaces

 Into the Light (2017) ultimately dissembles traditional notions of architecture, subverting the ways in which viewers engage with liminal spaces.

Communal Legacy

The biennial Artists’ Award, hosted by the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art is the first worldwide award to be judged solely by artists, and it shows. 

Everyday Resistance

Every two years, the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson offers the prestigious HCB Award. The latest winner has just been announced: Guy Tillim.

5 To See: This Weekend

With the weekend in sight, time and space for contemplation is on the horizon. The 5 to See for 14 – 16 July traces the common links in humanity.

Global Collectives

A celebration of photography takes place in Shanghai; the fourth edition of PHOTOFAIRS features notable names alongside new talent.

Cultural Empowerment

The Time is Now is curated to expand on the MoMA’s, New York, current show Making Space: Women Artists & Post-war Abstraction.

Illuminating Structures

Cerith Wyn Evans’ installation evokes a playful manipulation of space and time through a spectacle of light.

Social Transitions

In The Whiteness of the Whale, British photographer Paul Graham examines the intersections between race and social status in America.

Temporal Fluidity

This year’s Lyon Biennale questions the meaning of modernity in our ever-shifting world. It forms the second installment of what will become a themed trilogy.

Re-Interpreting Worlds

Chrystal Lebas’ Regarding Nature explores the dynamic between human beings and the organic landscape as two interacting spheres of life.

Multi-Dimensional Practice

The exhibition considers the subtle differences between regions, highlighting how and why they remain a source of inspiration.

Morphing Realities

Thomas Ruff’s photographs question and redefine the artistic potential of the craft as a platform for social commentary.

Charting Flexiblility

Ubiquitous, cheap and light, plywood is the focus of an exhibition opening at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, this summer.

Introspective Architecture

Rachel Whiteread demonstrates command of the interdependent factors of space and place, with both inventive and monumental structures.

Inclusive Engagement

The 2017 edition of the Accessible Art Fair (ACAF) offers a platform for emerging artists and designers to showcase and directly sell their work to audiences.

Celebrating Functionality

TASCHEN’s new publication, Brick by Brick, is a compilation of contemporary buildings from the past 15 years that hark back to the inexpensive material.

Composing Intimacy

Dennis Hopper re-invented the iconography of the lens to document social upheaval in the Western world and the emerging contemporary condition.

Intermediary Practices

The ING Unseen Talent Programme provides young European photographers with an opportunity for international exposure across new platforms.

Objective Structures

La Tettonica dell’Assemblaggio shows a large selection of works by the designer, architect and sculptor Angelo Mangiarotti, an influential figure in post-war Italy.

Illusory Resonance

Rachel Ara, winner of the Aesthetica Art Prize 2016, has been awarded a Near Now Fellowship, which includes a reworking of This Much I’m Worth.

Ancestral Environments

Sylvain Biard’s newest series, entitled SHiMA, was looks at the gap between the photographer and an unreachable culture.

Industrialised Documentation

Designed World is the first museum show of Peter Keetman for 20 years, whose industralised photographic works looked at the poetic rebuilding of Germany.

Revolutionary Biographies

Working on History at Museum für Fotografie, Berlin, looks into contemporary Chinese photography to understand cultural ecosystems.

Reformed Histories

Lalla Essaydi’s Still in Progress at Leila Heller Gallery, Dubai, draws audiences into a modern-day harem that utilises photography to rewrite narratives.

Reciprocated Visions

Isaac Julien’s Looking for Langston (1989 / 2017) is a landmark film that explores the private world of poet, social activist and columnist Langston Hughes.

Aspirational Gesture

Finnish photographer Janne Lehtinen captures the individual and human aspiration of continuously wanting to push one’s boundaries.

Expansive Movements

Where are we marching? The future of protest is a day of debate running alongside IWM’s radical exhibition, Fighting for Peace.

Supporting Diversity

Dundee Contemporary Arts, MIMA, MOSTYN, Nottingham Contemporary, The Hepworth and Turner Contemporary are shortlisted for Freelands.

Transformative Materiality

Robi Walters’ practice encompasses a re-examination of collage. Utilising bright colours and overlapping textures, each piece finds beauty in everyday materials.

Vernacular Metropolis

Michael Wolf’s weighted depictions of globalisation and growth come into question in Life in Cities, another exhibition at the 2017 Rencontres d’Arles.

Compassionate Documentation

Neil Libbert has been working as a street photographer for nearly 60 years; Michael Hoppen Gallery offers an opportunity to see the full range of accumulated works. 

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