Platforms for Design

Platforms for Design

Denmark is widely considered to be a design capital, on the cutting edge of new concepts within lifestyle, lighting, furniture and interiors. 3daysofdesign, a leading event, takes place each year in Copenhagen, and brings together Danish practitioners to showcase new products, upcoming trends and unique installations. The occasion offers visitors the opportunity to gain insight into the creative process, providing interactive sessions and exclusive exhibitions.

For example, emphasising the importance of free expression, furniture brand Montana’s unique series of modular storage systems and homeware offer a multiplicity of options. Through an extensive colour range and consumer-led process, the pieces are rich in personality whilst blending functionality, quality, sustainability and aesthetics. As founder Peter J. Lassen notes: “What are you making? If your answer is ‘solutions’, then this is an ending. But if you answer: ‘I am making possibilities’, then it is an opening.”

Applying these principles to the workspace, Muuto’s pop-up exhibition at Nomad Workspace offers a fresh outlook on the office environment. Occupying the intersection between design and art, site-specific installations by Tekla Evelina Severin, an artist featured in the current issue of Aesthetica; Wang-Söderström and Katja Boom use the company’s colourful coat hooks The Dots to create new forms. Severin asks: “Working creatively within photography and design, I’ve become obsessed with rediscovering objects beyond their traditional functions. What do they become when you show them from a new perspective?”

Another show at Nomad, entitled DAWN, celebrates emerging designers through an international presentation. Supporting new talent, the selection introduces new design methodologies, offering a carefully curated platform that exists within the traditions of Danish style whilst reaching out to a global audience. The exhibition demonstrates a range of homeware from brands including AYTM, whose philosophy emphasises quality, simplicity and luxury; Made by Hand, a company reinventing artisanal methods and distributor Roam, which champions craft and imagination from around the world.

The event runs until 26 May. Find out more here.

1. Images courtesy of Montana.