Jennifer Steinkamp, Lehmann Maupin, Hong Kong

Steinkamp is an artist who has been heavily based in the digital media and a pioneer in the world of 3-D animation. Steinkamp’s digitally rendered animations of natural phenomena and movement are projected within the depicted architectural surroundings. This is the artist’s first exhibition in Japan’s capital city. Not only will this exhibition be new for Hong Kong, but it will always feature two new works, which will be on view until 22 March at Lehmann Maupin Gallery in Hong Kong.

Steinkamp’s style of digital art often results in immersive environments that seemingly blend the awareness of the physical, ethereal and challenge the viewer’s predetermined ideas of form and space. Diaspore, one of the two projections on display, shows the audience a collection of digital, virtual tumble weeds that are self-propelled through a flat white landscape, much like most peoples preconceived ideas of the Wild West.

Theses renderings of combined shrubs, mixed sticks and leaves, are shown to mimic the exact moments one would see in nature. In this work, Steinkamp references both the anatomy of the plant that disperses the seeds and spores, as well as the social phenomena of diaspora. She draws a connection between the dissemination of people and culture across the world and the plant’s ability to spread its seeds. Steinkamp uses technology to show the audience the link between nature and the human world.

Becca Beddow

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1. Steinkamp 3-D animation, courtesy of the artist and Lehmann Maupin Gallery.