The Work of Dave Wise: Photography to Filmmaking

Dave Wise was once described by the producers of hit TV show Britain’s Next Top Model as “… part of the fashion elite” and is now a long way from where he began with his camera at the age of five. Describing his work, he says: “The thought of tomorrow is so exciting, the next project, one step closer to the day after that; and it all starts all over again”. His work has appeared across the globe and clients include United Agents, The Artists Partnership, EFFIGY Magazine, FIASCO Magazine,, Universal Records, BOX Boutique, Christophe Willem, Channel 4, Junipero Magazine and Concierge Magazine.

A: What is your background and how did you get into photography?
DW: I have always been a keen photographer from the tender age of five, when I received my first Brownie as a gift from my Nan. I took the camera everywhere with me(funds permitting for the film and development). I still have the Brownie; I can’t imagine not having it to be fair. However I wasn’t always a “Photographer” in the professional sense. I wasn’t a poster child when it came to school and it never once occurred to me that photography was actually something you could do as a way to pay the bills. In fact it wasn’t until I started shooting underwater did I come to the realisation that you could then sell the images. Skipping the boring bit, I got a lucky break and was asked to shoot some bits and pieces for the Mirror Group and the Times, the rest as they say is history and I have never looked back.

A: You have been described as “part of the fashion elite” where does your inspiration come from and how do you translate that when working?
DW: In short; Life! As a photographer I capture what I see and what I see is a product of my life and experiences. Luckily the translation of that is often just a conversation which then resonates into a story that needs to be told. Life is definitely the common factor, describing an experience or even sharing an experience will mean everyone on set feels how you feel. Of course, it doesn’t always happen so easily but that isn’t frustrating, it just means I am sharing in someone else’s experience and putting my spin on it.

A: Your images have adorned magazine covers and you have worked with celebrities from Gillian Anderson to Ralph Fiennes, how do you achieve such striking images?
I think my previous response goes a long way to describe the how. I like to connect with whoever is in front of my camera, pressing the shutter is a relatively small component to how I work. Of course understanding the technicalities is a given, when shooting I always concentrate my attention on the subject. For those moments I want to be with them, so what I create is a partnership with them. Having a team around you that you can trust and rely on helps immensely, with the Tea Maker being the top of the list of course hehe.

A: You have recently directed The Mousetrap interviews. Why have you made this move into film?
I love to tell stories and create make-believe, I wouldn’t say it was a move per se, I love and am absolutely passionate for still moments, creating an emotion in a single frame is part art and part craft; nothing will diminish my passion for that. Shooting and directing the interviews for The Mousetrap was amazing, I got to work in a style I love and with a nod towards Agatha Christie, of whom I am also a huge fan. The original whodunit!

A: Where do you see your work going in the future?
It will go wherever it goes, that is part of the excitement. Life throws you curveballs and you roll with them, my photography and story telling will follow those lines, wherever they may take me. As long as I am able to continue to tell my stories, I will be extremely happy. Photography and Directing isn’t really a job, I tell people it is what I am. Because of that I will not retire; I will only stop when the last breath leaves my body.

More information about Dave wise can be found at his webite: or you can email the artist directly: Mobile: +44 (0) 7834 088 228 Agent: Myrdith or Jen,

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1. Ali McNally. Courtesy of Dave Wise
2. Ralph Fiennes. Courtesy of Dave Wise
3. Marianna Goulandris. Courtesy of Dave Wise

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