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5 to See: This Weekend

Aesthetica’s must-see shows for mid-October investigate the politics of image making through documentary, post-production and installation.

Utopian Reflections

The Atlantic Project: After the Future is a new contemporary festival addressing today’s era of uncertainty and changing perceptions of art.

Rising Cities

Winner of the 12th Foam Paul Huf Award, photographer Daniel Shea captures the effects of capitalism on the urban landscape.

Unseen Portraits

Two exhibitions of fashion and portrait photography by Marilyn Stafford open across the UK this autumn, exploring a diverse oeuvre.

5 Female Artists To Watch

Looking to the 21st century experience for inspiration, a selection of visionaries occupies the changing boundaries between truth and fiction.

Global Expanses

Navigating the theme of Space, photography prize Prix Pictet investigates pressing subjects such overpopulation and the digital age. 

Navigating History

Recent Histories at Huis Marseille examines identity, migration and the legacy of colonialism through work by emerging African artists.

Collective Experience

Society has never been so connected. A new publication and exhibition, Civilization, responds to the rapid pace of global development.

Urban Mystery

Brassaï is known for capturing enigmatic images of Paris during the interwar years. A new exhibition at SFMOMA reveals hidden depths.

A Scientific Influence

Luke Evans discovered photography through a long-term interest in physics and organic sciences – which has later fed into deeply calculative images.

Surreal Environments

Tom Blachford’s Midnight Modern transforms California’s iconic mid-century Modernist architecture into surreal playgrounds.

Chronicling History

Vestiges d’empire by Thomas Jorion documents buildings in the former French colonies, shedding light on their poignant, deeply human histories. 

5 to See: This Weekend

International awards, photography festivals and solo shows looks to national and personal identities through photography and architecture.

Global Connections

Gail Albert Halaban’s Out My Window comprises carefully staged images, blurring the lines between public and private, reality and fantasy.

Heightened Scenes

David Stewart’s Paid Content highlights notions of disconnection and media saturation in the 21st century, offering carefully constructed scenes.

Vivid Realism

Through a bold use of colour and a strong flash, Lars Tunbjörk captured striking everyday observations of an increasingly globalised world. 

Desolate Environments

Henri Prestes is a Portuguese cinematographer and photographer based in southern Europe. The Perfect Darkness series was shot in isolated villages.

Interior Narratives

A new series by Marietta Varga engages with feelings of absence and nostalgia, looking to vacant interior spaces for inspiration.

Constructed Symbols

Anja Niemi’s collection questions notions of gender and conformity, forming part of an ongoing investigation into the self and its limits. 

Visualising History

A collection of images looks to the vast Australian landscape to express poignant human narratives, cultural history and environmental awareness.

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