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Abigail Ekue

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Emir Erkaya

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Leanne Claxton

Aesthetica Artists' Directory: Current Artists' Profiles

The Aesthetica Artists’ Directory is a global network of artists engaging with the professional art world. In print, on our website and in social media we have created a forum for discussion and interactivity where artists, galleries, collectors, critics, curators and enthusiasts can meet and discover art from around the world.

A moving, curated platform of those shaping the industry today, each Directory runs concurrently in our bi-monthly magazine, including print and combined digital profiles that offer a gateway to boundary-pushing practices and innovative modes of thought. Below is a selection from the current issue. To view the artist's full profile, click the preview.

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Abigail Ekue

Abigail Ekue’s work holds a mirror to clients and sitters, capturing nuances of human behaviour and the intimate everyday.

Alejandra Estrada

For Alejandra Estrada, her art is a source of inspiration for her clothing brand ALYSTA, with prints of her paintings featuring on fashion pieces.

Amanda Krantz

Amanda Krantz is a Melbourne-based painter whose process is underpinned by a playful exploration of paint materials.

Annamarie Dzendrowskyj

Award-winning artist Annamarie Dzendrowskyj examines different ways of seeing and being, foregrounding moments of ambiguity and The Uncanny.

Antonella Cusimano

Influenced by interweaved forms and the flow of liquids and gases, Antonella Cusimano produces algorithmic patterns that draw upon natural structures.

Armando Cabba

Using traditional methods, Armando Cabba’s portraits occupy a surreal space that examines emotional nuances and temporary identities.

Bea Jareno

London-based jewellery designer Bea Jareno employs colour, texture and contrast to create a sense of balance and harmony within each piece.

Chris Meigh-Andrews

Chris Meigh-Andrews’ screen-based video and sculptural moving image and sound installations have been exhibited internationally since the mid-1970s.

Christopher Perrett

Inspired by the fluid movements, shapes and forms found in nature, Christopher Perrett considers the influence of time on daily life.

David Daub

David Daub’s work has been published and exhibited internationally, and he regularly shoots for magazines, musicians and advertising agencies.

Dieneke Tiekstra

Dieneke Tiekstra’s works challenge viewers, seeking a balance between abstraction and figurative forms, rebuilding textures from the everyday.

Donghwan Ko

Donghwan Ko lives and works between London and Seoul, exploring notions of home and the spaces inbetween.

Emir Erkaya

Based in Istanbul, visual artist Emir Erkaya’s works are primarily inspired by contemporary society and political events in Turkey.


Fiwart specialises in performance, sculpture and installation; the experiential pieces grapple with the darker sides of humanity.

Francesca Borgo

Francesca Borgo guides the viewer into imaginative and abstract landscapes which explore the struggle of contemporary individuals.

George Kitching

George Kitching’s latest series, Death of a Species, examines the spread of disease in trees via transportation and importation.

Gill Miller

Los Angeles-based Gill Miller takes a vibrant approach to the southern California aesthetic in Urban Summer, Urban Winter.

Haimi Fenichel

Sculptor Haimi Fenichel creates complex, refined works that are informed by the forms, styles and materials of early modernist architecture in Israel.

Heikedine Günther

Representational of a core, an atom or a nucleus, Heikedine Günther’s ambiguous Kern works engage with individual perspectives and philosophies.

Hu Yue

Interested in cultural assimilation and geopolitical issues, Hu Yue focuses on landscapes and still lifes, which she creates on road trips to unfamiliar places.

Ikenna Mirembe

Influenced by the study of melanin, Ikenna Mirembe is a UK-based illustrator, designer and photographer looking to capture the complexities of human skin.

Ilona Skladzien

The work of Poland-born, UK-based Ilona Skladzien explores sociopolitical grey areas through a psychological lens.

John Hall

John Hall transposes pastel colour schemes into abstract settings, where surreal views from windows and doorways act as a blueprint for untold narratives.

Jojo Taylor

Jojo Taylor’s multidisciplinary approach is based around performance, sound, song and film. A key aspect of her research explores altered states of consciousness.

Judith Cordeaux

Judith Cordeaux’s current body of work explores and questions historic perceptions and expectations of women’s lives.

Leanne Claxton

Uniting art and fashion as one, each of Leanne Claxton’s pieces intertwines drawing, painting, screenprinting and digital printing.

Margaretha Gubernale

Margaretha Gubernale’s sought-after pictures walk a tightrope between abstract thoughts and natural forms.

Maria Rabinky

The illustrated maps created by Maria Rabinky have garnered numerous admirers and customers, and caught the attention of leading puzzle manufacturers.

Max Werner

Max Werner’s work depicts worlds familiar and unknown to us and, with his use of light, space and juxtaposition of forms.

Meng Zhou

Through painting, sculpture and installations, Meng Zhou merges and transforms classical Chinese symbolism and imagery using Western styles and techniques.

Naja Utzon Popov

Naja Utzon Popov is a Danish sculptor, textile designer and ceramicist who has led a peripatetic lifestyle; her practice is influenced by a multitude of cultures.

Naoki Kawano

Colour, texture and symbolism provide the basis for London-based, Japan-born artist Naoki Kawano.

Naomi Yuki

Naomi Yuki draws from the essence of objects, projecting abstracted styles and emotions onto the canvas as multidimensional and deeply kinetic forms.

Nina Ullrich

Nina Ullrich is a London-based designer. Each piece is handmade in an intricate process and echos the brand’s philosophy for exquisite artistry.

Paula Rubio Ferrer

Paula Rubio Ferrer’s personal work is inspired by the representation and observation of feelings and emotions from an existence connected with nature.

Rebecca Bramwell

Rebecca Bramwell carves a distinct aesthetic from geometric forms, block colours and surreal designs that reflect the subconscious.

Reggy (Tong) Liu

Reggy (Tong) Liu’s Liu’s interactive experimental performances immerse the audience in an internal self journey and intangible experience.

Rob Lenihan

UK-based artist Rob Lenihan is influenced by his early work as a street artist, as well as time spent as a children’s illustrator.

Sally Annett

Sally Annett’s latest series forms two large-scale exhibitions in the UK; Systems of Philosophy – Wall(paper)s of Mind examines how cultural exchange is created in public and private spaces.

Seth Maximen

Seth Maximen rejuvinates traditional materials through contemporary approaches, using paint, screenprinting and etching.

Sheau Ming Song

Sheau Ming Song’s artwork demonstrates the issues of two-dimensional representation, and documents the visual possibilities of painting materials.

Sigurborg Stefánsdóttir

Sigurborg Stefánsdóttir’s practice encompasses painting, artists’ book illustration and textiles; she plays with constructionist elements, building layers on top of topographical maps.

Steve Oliver

Steve Oliver’s work investigates the structures that make photography and video “work.” All pieces are created on computers using widely-sourced materials.

Sunniva Batalden

Sunniva Batalden’s latest series, Geometry, comprises a collection of reflections and surreal distortions of organic and manmade landscapes.

Sylvia Lockhart

Through abstract landscapes, award-winning artist Sylvia Lockhart explores humanity’s increasing detachment from nature.

Thomas W Kuppler

Through a process of methodological experimentation, Thomas W Kuppler seeks to expand the conventional limits of form and dichotomy between the visible and the invisible.


VENIVINCE is a collaboration between Kalliopi Venieri (ballerina, choreographer and sculptor) and Vincent Guy (theatre director, actor and photographer).

William Reinsch

Painter William Reinsch’s work focuses on the idea of being nude both physically and psychologically as well as themes of anxiety, death and being lost.

Xiaojie Liu

Based in Minneapolis, Xiaojie Liu is a Chinese illustrator influenced by national identity and contrasting cultures.

Ylenia Mino

Award-winning Italian-born fine artist Ylenia Mino lives and works in the USA; she has exhibited at numerous events and fairs this year.

Yuria Mizuta

Paris-based Yuria (Morso) Mizuta utilises her practice as a therapeutic type of expression; the works search for the meaning of identity.

Yusuke Sugiyama

Rather than as divisions or oppositions, Yusuke Sugiyama uses the concept of boundaries to explore the spaces in-between.

Yuto Hasebe

Deeply inspired by the relationship between nature and human life in the context of Japanese landscape and culture, Yuto Hasebe produces handmade musical instruments.

Zoe Dorelli

Zoe Dorelli is a London-based artist and co-founder of contemporary art publisher Dark Matter Studio.