Paper Weight Genre-defining Magazines 2000 to Now, Munich

Paper Weight Genre-defining Magazines 2000 to Now, Munich

Paper Weight Genre-defining Magazines 2000 to Now takes a refreshing look at independent publishing in the 21st century. Opening today and running until 27 October at Haus der Kunst, Munich, the exhibition is curated by Felix Burrichter, the editor and creative director of New York-based PIN-UP magazine. Consequently, the works on display expose an insider’s perspective on the independent publishing world, while also exploring the larger cultural significance of these niche magazines’ editorial and design perspectives.

The exhibition is centred upon 15 titles that originated in the past 13 years. All of the chosen publications are well established and stand as significant works within broader cultural and editorial shifts in specialized magazine production. Those included are 032c, Apartamento, Bidoun, BUTT, Candy, Encens, EY! Magateen, Fantastic Man, Girls Like Us, Picnic, PIN-UP, Sang Bleu, The Gentlewoman, Toilet Paper, and White Zinfandel. Each of the titles have been invited to present a program of ideas that reflects their distinctive takes on the gallery project. Around the space each publication presents an oversized double-page spread, accompanied by texts providing information on the different forms, origins and developments.

The demise of print media has long been lamented and predicted with the rise of digital media. Regardless of this, new print magazines are continually launching. Paper Weight Genre-defining Magazines 2000 to Now displays magazines addressing a broad range of subjects, such as architecture, art, design, sex, fashion, food, and cultural politics, demonstrating the continued life of the print format and the additional benefits it carries.

1. HdK Paper Weight, Magazine Covers, Matthu Placek.

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