Mario Nanni: luce all’opera, Varese

Mario Nanni: luce all’opera, Varese

Until 2 June, audiences are able to take a look at Mario Nanni’s Luce all’ Opera (light at work), at the Villa Panza collection in Varese. Considered as a master of light and dark, the presentation compares and contrasts Nanni’s significant works with the permanent collection at Villa Panza, introducing a dialogue between classic pieces and the innovative use of light.

Presented within the exhibition space are 20 works created by Nanni between 1988 and 2013. Utilising natural and artificial light, the artist’s practice explores the harmonious sensation produced by light and the ability of the form to question space, nature and artifice. Luce all’ Opera depicts the journey of an individual’s thoughts and gaze through the use of light. The interest and curiosity evident in the light led Nanni towards experimentation with other forms and methods in designing, inspiring him to take on challenges and unusual solutions.

The artist’s manipulation of light in this showcase develops a language that unpicks memory, as the light alters what has just been perceived and forces visitors to review what they have just seen. The light appears to produce dreams and reshape ideas, allowing Nanni to demonstrate how light is not just a useful form but can also challenge our appreciation of the world. His work gives power to the intangible matter of light and allows it to project alternative rays.

The exhibition is full of melodic and delicate contrasts and Luce all’ Opera accesses something beyond the immediate and allows the visitors to see something new through the light. As such, Nanni stands as a poet of light, redefining the use of something so familiar to reimagine the space of existence.

Mario Nanni: luce all’opera, until 2 June, Villa e Collezione Panza, Piazza Litta 1, Varese.

All images courtesy of Mario Nanni
1. Apollo Lucente.
2. La Compressione Della Luce.
3. L’Origine.