Homecoming, Boo Ritson, Oklahoma City

Homecoming, an exhibition from London based artist Boo Ritson, will be opening on Tuesday the 10th October at the City Arts Center, Eleanor Kirkpatrick Gallery, Oklahoma City and will run until the 21st December. The new exhibition, seeks to express Boo Ritson’s life-long fascination with American culture, stereotypes and landscapes.

Living in Chesham England, Ritson regularly exhibits at the Poppy Sebire gallery in London. She has both a BA degree in fine art, from Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, and a masters degree in sculpture from London’s Royal College of Art. Painting her subjects in thick emulsion paint, she has the scene photographed while the paint is still wet. The exhibition includes around 60 works that merge painting, sculpture, performance and photography. Ritson notes: “The fictional timeless American landscape is collaged together from elements found closer to home, in Chesham, England or Cornwall. It’s a very English-centric view of utopia that takes the language from the wide-open spaces that we associate with America.”

Homecoming, 10th October until 21st December, City Arts Center, Oklahoma City, 3000 General Pershing Blvd. www.cityartscenter.org

All images courtesy of Boo Ritson.


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