Everyday Vitality

Sergio Larrain

One of the roles of a photographer is to search the world and discover specific angles and unique moments in order to savour them forever. It was this desire to be completely immersed in the world that led Sergio Larrain (1931-2012) down a photographic path. Although he spent much of his life in seclusion, practising Yoga and meditation or writing and drawing, his images are alive with faces, animals, children, objects, streets and nature. Finding life and energy in any and every location, his documentary style of photography makes no attempt to comment on the chosen subjects; instead his protagonists appear unperturbed by the camera and continue with their everyday interactions. Up until 22 December, Fondation HCB, Paris, is exhibiting works by the Chilean photographer in conjunction with the release of a book entitled Vagabond Photographer. The following images are from the Thames & Hudson book by Agnès Sire and Gonzalo Leiva Quijada. www.thamesandhudson.com.