Documenting Change

Kunstmuseum, Wolfsburg’s retrospective of work by Robert Lebeck uncovers different forms of rebellion and the aftermath of protest.

A Bold Vision

Hatje Cantz’s new publication, James Turrell: Extraordinary Ideas – Realized,  features bold images of the artist’s visionary installations.

Otherworldly Arenas

Intrigued by social phenomena, Al Mefer’s photographs call upon artificial elements, using an intriguing interplay between shadow and colour.

Vibrant Installation

Aesthetica Art Prize alumnus Liz West’s new site-specific sculpture transforms the space into a colourful arena for aesthetic appreciation.

Cultural Awareness

There are more than 270 nationalities and 300 languages spoken in London. Shows at Calvert 22, Foam and NOW Gallery celebrate this diversity.

Aitken: Redefining Cinema

Doug Aitken’s Song 1 is an all-encompassing video piece that leads viewers into a mesmerising cinematic space.

Escaping Digitalisation

Jacqueline Hassink documents a number of the planet’s dwindling “white spots”, lacking wifi and cellular coverage, shown at Benrubi Gallery.

Saraceno: Future Cities

Tomás Saraceno is known for examining the crossroads of art, science and architecture. A new presentation offers a multisensory arena.

Discerning Eye: Women in the Arts

Fashion designer and artist Sadie Clayton, one of 2018’s ING Discerning Eye selectors, discusses the importance of the initiative.

Illusory Arenas

Georges Rousse’s practice occupies the intersection between photography, painting and architecture, creating otherworldly scenes.

5 to See: This Weekend

This weekend’s key exhibitions respond to a fast-paced digital world through otherworldly installations, architectural surveys and video works.

Convex Environments

Galleri F15 presents key works by Anish Kapoor, whose sculptures evoke curiosity over the relationship between space and object,

A Developing Genre

More than half of the world’s population lives in cities. Triennial of Photography Hamburg offers a range of perspectives on urban environments.

5 Sustainable Fashion Brands

This collection of emerging and established sustainable fashion labels offers alternative  solutions from around the world.

Linear Sensibility

A monumental exhibition at the Musée de l’Elysée Lausanne focuses on the formal composition of over 1500 original prints.

Urban Metaphors

From geometric abstraction to spontaneous snapshots, a collection of photographs explores the vernacular of Brussels’ urban landscapes.

Iconic Architecture

Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris, reveals the winners of its #MyFLV competition, which encouraged visitors to photograph its building.

Eclectic Installations

Whilst science fiction and futurism are a constant in Lee Bul’s work, an eclectic approach to material makes for an immersive experience.

A Nostalgic Journey

In capturing the structures that define the British coastline, Will Scott celebrates the iconography of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Constructed Reality

In The Potemkin Village, Gregor Sailer captures illusionistic architecture around the world, from military training camps to replica cities.

Kusama: Boundless Forms

Victoria Miro, London, announces an exhibition of new paintings, sculptures and installations by Japan’s best-known living artist, Yayoi Kusama.

Structural Iconography

Vancouver Art Gallery’s Cabin Fever investigates the influence of an architectural form on the cultural identity of the US and Canada.

Charting Expansion

In mapping the growth of urban space, work by Naoya Hatakeyama reveals the impact of industrial activity on the natural landscape

Transcendent Sculptures

An exhibition of new work by Nathaniel Rackowe at Letitia Beirut examines the changing nature of the built environment, reflecting on urban dwellings.

Redefined Imagery

A show at Whitechapel Gallery reveals a series of destroyed images taken by American photographers during the 1930s.

Top 5 UK Architecture Shows

Aesthetica collates five must-see exhibitions that pave the way for the future of urban planning through sustainable methods and new materials.

Cultural Memory

Candida Höfer’s atmospheric work offers a new perspective on cultural institutions, providing unparalleled views of architectural structures.

Visual Allegory

Bastiaan Woudt’s series, Mukono, documents the story of a community in Uganda through bold yet metaphorical portraiture and still life.

Reflecting Life

By presenting images by the next generation of documentary photographers, a show offers a fresh look at the contemporary state-of-play.

Illuminating Reality

Questioning the boundaries between art and photojournalism, an exhibition offers new perspectives on contemporary conflict.

Surreal Topographies

Matthew Murray’s images offer atmospheric, uncanny representations of the British landscape through colour, light and form.

Responsive Simulation

John Gerrard’s Solar Reserve recreates  a solar thermal power plant in Nevada through new media, looking to the future of energy.

Delicate Landscapes

Turin-born Alberto Selvestrel creates indefinite landscapes that stretch into large, open expanses filled with natural contrasts and sweeping spaces.

Colour Revolution

Thames & Hudson release All About Saul Leiter, a collection exploring the artist’s entire career, from fashion photography to urban documentation.

Poetic Techniques

Meng Zhou’s artistic projects draw on analogies of Chinese cultural history and myth. We speak with him to find out more about his past and current work.

Sensory Arenas

Offering seven immersive installations, the new teamLab Planets Tokyo is an imaginative sensory playground.

Cultural Diversity

By documenting the cultural landscape of London’s East End in the 1970s, David Hoffman’s images highlight the socially diverse nature of the region.

5 to See: This Weekend

This weekend’s round-up reinvents the built environment through virtual simulations, photography and sculpture.

Spatial Expansion

James Turrell’s works create an illusion of structure through projected light, challenging the limits of perception.

Addressing Diaspora

Signs of Empire, New Museum, New York, shines a light on John Akomfrah’s exploration of the global black diaspora through moving-image installations.

Uncanny Encounters

Evelyn Bencicova interprets contemporary life through an existential yet highly curated approach to visual art and photography.

Responsive Construction

Offering unique solutions to social housing, ELEMENTAL studio create sustainable residential areas through social engagement.

Traversing Mythologies

A show at Center for Creative Photography, Arizona, taps into the mythos of the American Dream through a selection of key artists.

Eclectic Approaches

From portraiture to landscape, fine art to architecture, Robin Rice Gallery’s Summer Salon 2018 offers a diverse range of approaches.

Chronicles of Modernity

A collection of images by Mama Casset and an unknown photographer offer new perspectives on 20th century Senegal.

Expressive Construction

As the pace of life quickens, structures are required to become more adaptable. Zaha Hadid Architects’ latest project offers a solution.

A Distinctive Landscape

Steve Fitch’s collection, entitled Vanishing Vernacular, captures the distinctive roadsides of Western America.

Rural Escapism

The Hepworth examines the intermediate points between urban and rural; a series of photographers convey Britain’s desire to preserve the natural world.

Industrial Topographies

By capturing impact of human intervention in the natural landscape, Edward Burtynsky reveals the effects of industrialisation.

Vibrant Cities

Positioning city architecture as a locus for social interaction, Fred Herzog’s bright images focus on public spaces and crowds of people.