Mesmerising Dimensions

Kimchi and Chips’ dynamic installation examines notions of immateriality and the digital age, crossing multiple conceptual boundaries.

Interrelated Spheres

Museum der Moderne, Salzburg, examines the changing notion of space through its representation in photography.

Monumental Details

In celebration of Thomas Ruff’s first major London retrospective Whitechapel Gallery, London, National Portrait Gallery, London, displays selected works from the photographer’s Porträts (Portraits) series. The large-scale…

Unreal Quotidian

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, is the world’s largest salt flat. This exceptional environment forms the backdrop for Scarlett Hooft Graafland’s images.

Cultural Documents

Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York, foregrounds moments of American history and culture through Steve Schapiro’s oeuvre

Textual Disorientation

A site-specific, immersive installation by iconic artist Barbara Kruger occupies the entirety of Sprüth Magers’ main exhibition space.

Artists’ Directory News

See our updated Artists’ Directory Studios Pinterest board. Shown here is Messiah Willis, who currently lives and works in New York where his studio, Messiah Joshua, is based.

Ask The Artist

Wolfgang Lehrner’s work was shown in the August/September 2017 issue. In his Metro/Polis series he asks the viewer to think beyond the urban condition. We speak with him about his future plans.

Formal Tragedies

Andreas Gursky’s series records the artist’s interest in environmental issues, reflecting the tragic beauty of the world’s waterways .

Fresh Directions

The Center for Photography at Woodstock explores the state of the human condition through the work of eighteen practitioners.

Art Fund: Inventive Spaces

The role of the art institution is evolving. Art Fund’s Museum of the Year seeks out innovation, celebrating galleries across the UK.

Haunting Realities

Practitioners from Taiwan explore the lasting effects of authoritarianism, social ideology, environmental disaster and international politics.

Shared Tangibility

Viviane Sassen’s series, Roxane II, documents the intimate reciprocal relationship between the photographer and her muse.

Complex Vignettes

To portray the complexities of daily life, Cig Harvey creates intimate portraits of family members and close friends.

Elevated Practice

Through aerial photography, Jeffrey Milstein draws a unique portrait of New York and Los Angeles.

Multi-Dimensional Forms

By using a singular material, Tara Donovan’s innovative sculptural pieces foreground the physical characteristics of everyday objects.

Idle Reflections

Ikuru Kuwadjima’s photobook, I, Oblomov, uncovers a strange state of inertia and lethargy that defines the contemporary condition.

Artist News

Director and visual artist Daisy Dickinson (her work appeared in the October/November 2017 issue), will be performing at the ICA for the opening of the London Short Film Festival 2018.

Technological Exhibits

Fariba Farshad, founding director of Photo London, reflects on the significance of the solo show in the digital age.

Illuminating Truths

Shedding light on the state of post-war America, Robert Frank’s images draw a striking portrait of the nation at a pivotal moment in history.

Sacred Forms

A new publication by Hatje Cantz focuses on Finnish photographer Ola Kolehmainen, capturing space and light in places of worship.

Ubiquitous Platforms

Approximately 3.8 billion people use the internet worldwide. ICA Boston investigates the influence of the web on visual art and society.

Technicolour Representations

Joel Meyerowitz transformed the genre of street photography through a pioneering and striking use of colour.

Virtual Nature

Andreas Gefeller’s intentionally overexposed and abstracted compositions transform organic forms into something almost virtual

Vibrant Cityscapes

75 works by William Eggleston, a pioneer of modern colour photography, are displayed The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Experimental Investigation

MAXXI Museum, Rome, honours visionary architect Zaha Hadid with an exhibition foregrounding her relationship with Italy.

5 to See: This Weekend

Exhibitions running 9-10 December respond to the immediate environment, documenting urban, natural and individual landscapes.

Idiosyncratic Surroundings

Paul Kasmin Gallery displays a series of Tina Barney’s works that capture the natural and urban landscapes of New England.

Anonymous Landscapes

Lise Sarfati’s images capture the act of wandering, set against the architectural backdrop of downtown Los Angeles.

Evocative Surroundings

The second and final part of Eddo Hartmann’s photographic investigation into life in North Korea opens at Huis Marseille​.

Global Reimaginings

Magnum Retold asks contemporary photographers to respond to iconic documentary series from the agency’s archives.

Disrupting Viewpoints

Aperture Foundation Portfolio Prize winner Natalie Krick’s practice questions the notion of a fixed identity.

Pictorial Clarity

An exhibition of Axel Hütte’s early work tracks his restrained creative practice and interest in architectural forms, spanning 1978-1995.

Poetic Reflections

Nicolas Dhervillers’ cinematic Detachment series offers the Anabaptist Amish community a new narrative.

Playful Duality

Carsten Höller’s installation The Prada Double Club Miami offers the experience of a fully-functioning nightclub.

Critical Playgrounds

The impact and evolution of technology is foregrounded in the 30th anniversary edition of London Art Fair.

Renumerated Layers

A recently opened exhibition of Monika Sosnowska at Hauser & Wirth, London, titled Structural Exercises, examines underlying layers of buildings.

Human Landscapes

Deichtorhallen Hamburg brings together a selection of Alec Soth’s intimate portraits of everyday suburban life

Eternal Repetitions

Never Ending Stories, an interdisciplinary project, examines the phenomenon of the endless loop across cultural history.

Figurative Exploration

Amy Hughes is a New York-based British painter. Her work considers relationships between body and mind – we speak with her to find out more.

Lyrical Physicality

A site-specific installation at Yorkshire Sculpture Park by Chiharu Shiota investigates themes of loss, nostalgia and life cycles.

Idealised Vistas

Edmund Clark’s The Mountains of Majeed is a reflection on the end of “Operation Enduring Freedom” in Afghanistan at Flowers Gallery, London.

Defamiliarising Viewpoints

Jiri Svestka Gallery offers dialogues between emerging practitioner Katarína Poliačiková and iconic photographer Stephen Shore.

Hypnotic Ephemera

Lucio Fontana’s pioneering Ambienti Spaziali (Spatial Environments) are on display at Pirelli HangarBicocca, Milan.

Spatial Tableaux

James Casebere’s innovative investigations into the nature of constructed spaces are inspired by world-renowned architect Luis Barragán.

Catalytic Environments

In Aulus-Les-Bains, housed in a renovated 19th century hotel, is camp – the first of a new breed of arts residency, running across five-day sessions.

Deceptive Architecture

Gregor Sailer’s work uncovers a complex and uncanny world of façades hidden in the contemporary landscape.

Encyclopaedic Landscapes

An exhibition of German photographer Andreas Gursky’s monumental work marks the reopening of Hayward Gallery, London.

Vacant Interiors

Devoid of human activity, Candida Höfer’s abstracted images of grand architectural structures are pervaded by a sense of absence.

Deceptive Realities

Wout Berger’s Poisoned Landscape series at Nederlands Fotomuseum examines the peculiar and deceiving beauty of polluted environments.