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Radiant Environments

Is light really limited to the ocular or can it be abstracted to gain shape and volume? That’s the gamble behind NONOTAK, a Paris-based collective.

Personal Observations

Gail Albert Halaban’s series, Out My Window, documents community life through a detached yet intimate lens.

Cinematographic Frames

Tacita Dean explores “landscape” in its broadest sense in show at the Royal Academy, London, building upon larger themes from the modern world.

Natural Formations

Experienced in architecture, fashion and design, Julia Körner combines formulae from the natural landscape with technological advancements. Having previously featured in Aesthetica, Körner returns with a…

5 to See: This Weekend

Moving towards the end of May, top shows and events investigate what it means to live in an increasingly globalised landscape.

Personal Architecture

Architects Houses, a new release from Princeton Architectural Press, brings together 30 leading designers to discuss their personal dwellings.

Platforms for Design

Denmark is widely considered to be a design capital. 3daysofdesign, Copenhagen, showcases new products and upcoming trends.

Geometric Abstraction

At Fondation Cartier’s Géométries Sud, Du Mexique à la Terre de Feu, Latin American art meets European Modernism in a cacophony of colour and texture.

Infinite Horizons

Technology has transformed all aspects of the everyday. Imagining the future, Athens Digital Arts Festival explores new media’s potential.

Silent Investigations

The Drake Equation, a series of images by Andrew Phelps and Paul Kranzler, investigates the National Radio Quiet Zone.

Playful Craftsmanship

Inspired by collaboration and craftsmanship, Hayche brings together timeless design with a vibrant colour palette that are rich in personality.

Visual Representations

The three artists selected for the Photography & Digital Art section of this year’s Aesthetica Art Prize show how image-making makes sense of the world.

Abstracted Objects

JUMBO NYC’s new furniture and lighting collection features playful shapes and exaggerated proportions.

Collective Voices

Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960—1985, examines the convergence between political and aesthetic upheaval during extraordinary decades.

Closing the Loop

For 3 Days of Design, Kvadrat demonstrates the possibilities of sustainable materials, offering a new model for creation and production.

Responsive Artwork

Next month, the inaugural Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art brings together artwork from the Baltic region and beyond.

Expansive Platforms

Video content is integrated into our culture. Aesthetica’s Artists’ Film Screenings offer a platform innovative and thought-provoking work.

Resonant Designs

Fashion and Textile Museum celebrates the work of Orla Kiely, highlighting the importance of colour in influencing a range of emotions.

Productive Archives

Looking at the techniques of darkroom photography, an exhibition at Harvard Art Museums comprises 90 printer’s proofs.

Urban Relocation

“The tree can be seen as a metaphor for migration.” A recent publication by Hatje Cantz tracks the work of Yan Wang Preston.

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