Interview with Painter and Sculptor Bernadetta Tajs

Interview with Painter and Sculptor Bernadetta Tajs

Artist Bernadetta Tajs, who completed her arts education in Krakow, Poland, explores the light hearted side of life, using her own imagination as a starting point for her painting and sculptures.

Interview with Lukasz Snopkiewicz, Photographer

Photographer Lukasz Snopkiewicz plays with the possibilities of black and white digital imagery to depict the reflective qualities of water, revealing both its creative and destructive capabilities.

Interview: Painter David Lee

David Lee is an artistic polymath. Alongside Turner-esque cloud formations, Lee covers all the bases of the human imagination, rejecting boundaries of conventional artistic licence.

Karen Thomas paints dynamic Pop Culture Icons

Karen Thomas, a British artist based in France, creates dynamic, painterly depictions of pop culture icons such as Mickey Mouse, which are characterised by their thick, quick brush strokes.

Interview with Barrie Dale

Barrie Dale believes that the natural world represents a largely untapped source of artistic interest. He sees no barriers or even distinctions between the Arts and the Sciences.

Peter "Snopix" Higgins - Exploring Digital Art

Creator Peter “Snopix” Higgins had no idea he’d still be creating in 2015. Having no formal training just the desire to create, he has gone on an almost 40 year adventure leaving him rich in works of art.

Artist / Gambler - Exploring the Work of Loz Taylor

With the gamble of life all around, it seems strange that so few artists major in the subject. Step forward Loz Taylor, who, as a gambler of 30 years, is well equipped to conjure up images based on the theme.

The Work of Dagmar Dost-Nolden, Painter and Sculptor

Born in Prague, Czech Republic, Dagmar Dost-Nolden is an international artist, painter, sculptor and performer. She is fascinated by different forms of energy, which is the main subject of her art.

Working the Medium of Metal - The Art of Tobbe Malm

The Art of Tobbe Malm

Since 2008 Swedish artist Tobbe Malm has been living and working in Norway and creating his metal sculptures full time.

A Closer Look at the Work of Australian Artist Terence Burton

A Closer Look at the Work of Artist Terence Burton

Australian artist, Terence Burton works exclusively with pencil on paper. His bold and unique style, that he likes to call Abstract, Mythological and Tribal, is heavily influenced by aboriginal traditions.

Abstract Designs Amongst Colours and Forms- The Art of Anna Edholm

Abstract Designs Amongst Colours and Forms- The Art of Anna Edholm

Self taught Swedish artist Anna Edholm works with layers of acrylic paint on canvas. With her abstract designs aim to direct the viewer to use their imagination and to find patterns and meanings.

From Tokyo to Paris- Insight into the Work of Rikka Ayasaki

From Tokyo to Paris, Interview with Rikka Ayasaki

Rikka Ayasaki expresses a variety of emotions using red as her theme colour in a very distinctive movement. Her work is held in many private collections in France, Japan, UK, USA and others.

Digital / Analogue Media- The Work of Kenneth Merrick

Digital / Analogue Media- The Work of Kenneth Merrick

Based in Auckland New Zealand, Kenneth Merrick’s work orbits around drawing, painting and digital/analogue media. Over the past five years his works have featured in a variety of exhibitions.

Creating Playful Abstractions- The Work of Simon Kirk

Creating Playful Abstractions- The Work of Simon Kirk

Simon Kirk free associates images and text to create playful abstractions. He is interested in the ambiguous subjective ‘hidden’ narrative where the ‘story’ remains oblique or partial.

A Closer Look at the Work of Photographer and Author MAKIKO

A Closer Look at the Work of Photographer MAKIKO

MAKIKO is an award-winning photographer and author. She recently published a documentary/photography book titled Beautifully Different.

A Closer Look at the Work of Margaretha Gubernale

A Closer Look at the Work of Margaretha Gubernale

Oil on canvas painter Margaretha Gubernale creates mystical worlds with the source of her inspiration being nature and philosophy. She has worked for nearly 30 years as an international artist and her work has been exhibited widely.

Close Up Detail: The Work of Stephen J.E. Davies

From an early age Stephen J.E. Davies was fascinated by aeroplanes and flight, especially when studying the Airfix artworks by Roy Cross and the paintings of Michael Turner, as well as many comic book illustrations. Inspired by these artists, he began to create work.

Mira Hnatyshyn: a Closer Look at Culture, Gender & Human Behavior

Mira Hnatyshyn is a San Antonio-based artist who uses her work to explore issues of culture, gender and human behaviour. The artist’s installations are modern simulacra constructed with painted canvasses, sculpted appendages and found objects.

A Closer Look at the Work of New York Artist Barry Grose

Barry Grose is a self-taught painter, who studied briefly at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and also holds a master’s degree from the University of Chicago and a bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York.

Insight into the Work of Artist Hugh Dunford Wood

Hugh Dunford Wood is an artist designer, classically trained at the Ruskin School of FineArt, Oxford, in the early 1970s. He works in mixed media including painting portraits, murals, metal and glass.

The Work of Textile Artist Pauline Bloomfield

Pauline Bloomfield is a textile artist and part time tutor. Based in Derbyshire, she has exhibited widely in both group and solo exhibitions in various parts of the country. In 2010 Pauline stopped teaching in adult education to concentrate on her work in care homes in Nottinghamshire and Lancashire.

The Work of Dave Wise: Photography to Filmmaking

Dave Wise was once described by the producers of hit TV show Britain’s Next Top Model as “part of the fashion elite” and is now a long way from where he began with his camera at the age of five.

A Closer Look: Sirenes

Siren Merete Fristad, artist name “Sirenes” is a Norwegian artist. Her work, since summer 2011, has been festured in several exhibitions internationally in Italy, Spain, Canada and USA.

Blending Photography and Embroidery- Patricia Casey

Patricia Casey works with photography and embroidery to make complex images that explore inner worlds with her series, Little Secrets. Casey believes that we all have an inner core that we do not reveal to even those with whom we are closest.

The Artwork of Barrie Dale

Until recently Barrie Dale saw himself simply as a nature photographer. Then, with nature being destroyed to the point where it was possible to envisage none being left, he became a conservationist.

Insight Into the Work of Allan Storer

Allan Storer paints large abstract canvases for architects, interior designers and private clients. His influences include 20th. century abstract artists and the squeegee paintings of…

Insight Into The Work Of Robin Campbell

Insight Into The Work Of Robin Campbell

Robin Campbell is an architect and artist. As architect he has been responsible for the Environment Centre and Tower of the Ecliptic. He established Air…

An Interview With Jessica Zoob

Jessica Zoob is a British contemporary artist who works from her Lewes home and studio. She exhibits regularly in and around London and has works…

Interview with Artist Barrie Dale

Interview with Artist Barrie Dale

Barrie Dale is a primarily a scientist, but is also known for his painting and his music. All around him he sees nature being destroyed…

Interview with artist David Johnson

Interview with artist David Johnson

David Johnson makes installations, usually using existing objects with projections or light. His work is concerned with the basic nature of reality: mind and world…

Interview with artist Kari de Koenigswarter

Interview with artist Kari de Koenigswarter

Born in Mexico, Kari de Koenigswarter works in Edinburgh. Her art centres on land, sea and skyscapes, from the macro to the microscopic. Exploring the…