Interview with Chelsea College of Art & Design Graduate Mimi Winsor

As part of the University of the Arts London, the Chelsea College of Art & Design graduate show runs for one more day. Featuring pieces from those graduating in Fine Art, Graphic Design Communication, Interior and Spatial Design and Textile Design, some of the graduates have already been identified by the arts world at large. Sculptor and inventor Mimi Winsor has been commissioned by the Discovery Channel to create an installation piece for its head quarters in Chiswick, London and Aesthetica speaks to her about the way she views her work and winning The Oval House Award.


Aesthetica Art Prize Open for Submissions

The Aesthetica Art Prize 2013 is now open for entries, offering both budding and established artists the opportunity to showcase their work to a wider, international audience. Now in its sixth year the competition is a celebration of visual art, inviting all artists to submit imaginative and innovative work that pushes the boundaries of their chosen medium.


Venice Report: The Encyclopedic Palace

Split between the old Giardini and the newer Arsenale site at the Venice Biennale, The Encyclopedic Palace is based on the concept of self-taught artist Marino Auriti, who dreamed of devising a museum with the potential to house all of mankind’s greatest achievements in one cohesive space.


Summertime Salon, Robin Rice, New York

For its summer exhibition, the Robin Rice Gallery, New York, opens Summertime Salon, an annual photography exhibit featuring both gallery artists and a selection of newcomers. Opening on 26 June, the showcase runs until 15 September and combines outstanding photography with the perfect image of summer. The thought of summer can evoke many different smells, sights, sounds and memories and the aim of Summertime Salon is to capture all of those senses in photography.

Review of Patrick Caulfield exhibition at Tate Britain

There are two pieces of information that every piece on Caulfield should include, and with that announcement comes the further one that this article will be no exception. One is that Caulfield hated being called a “Pop” artist, but whether we respect his wishes and refer to him instead as a “formal” artist or not is our choice. The second and more important piece of information is the statement that Caulfield is “a Romantic disarmed by his own irony”, a phrase coined by Christopher Finch that seems to have the last word on Caulfield despite the artist’s international underratedness.


Interview with Ruskin Graduate, Natasha Peel

Earlier in June, the 23 final year students at The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art exhibited the produce of their years at university. Graduating from The Ruskin in 2012, Natasha Peel has since gone on to present works at the Saatchi Gallery, London. Peel speaks to Aesthetica about the benefits of studying art and her interest in malleable materials. 


Sculpture in the City, London

For the latest edition of Sculpture in the City, audiences can expect to see works by Robert Indiana, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Antony Gormley, Keith Coventry, Richard Wentworth, Shirazeh Houshiary, Jim Lambie and Ryan Gander across the city of London from 20 June. Located in the dramatic surroundings of the eastern high-rise cluster in the City of London, the free outdoor exhibition will extend from St. Botolph without Bishopsgate to the north, Lime Street to the south and from Bishopsgate to around the base of 30 St Mary Axe.


Tahnee Lonsdale: Waiting for Entry into that Holy Space, London

Upon entering the light-filled Shoreditch art gallery, Redchurch Street Gallery, in which painter Tahnee Lonsdale’s new body of works Waiting for Entry Into that Holy Place is installed, the visitor is welcomed by a vibrant display of canvases painted in bold colours, whose imaginary characters roam an array of whimsical landscapes rendered in a candy-coloured palette.


Fellini – The Exhibition, Amsterdam

Federico Fellini is renown for  being one of the most image-defining masters of post-war Italian cinema, creating hits such as  La strada, La dolce vita and . Fellini – The Exhibition expands the influential filmmakers universe and uncovers the sources of his fertile imagination. 20 years after his death, EYE, Amsterdam opens this exhibition on 30 June bringing Fellini’s powerful work under the spotlight. Featured within Fellini are large projected film fragments, photographs, archive documents and posters – from the EYE collection among others.


Venice Biennale Report: Russian Pavilion

Focusing on the Greek myth of Danaë in which Zeus impregnates the imprisoned daughter of King Acrisius by appearing to her as a shower of golden rain, Vadim Zakharov’s Danaë at the Venice Biennale represents the first time in the history of the Russian pavilion that the upper and lower storeys have been combined into a single installation.

Interview with the director of Secret Cinema, Fabien Riggall

Taking cinema out of the safe confines of the movie theatre has long been a catalyst of excitement and wonder. From the humble drive-in to the invention of the VHS, which catapulted film in to the domestic sphere, interpreting and living with film in the individual’s context of choice inspires, informs and challenges differently from a prescribed outing to the cinema. The sense of pride that is received from owning an experience of film is tangible, and it seems to mean just a bit more. Hauling this feeling one step further, and recreating the world of fiction and fantasy imprinted previously only on reel, has long been of interest. From the high-octane popularity of Universal Studios, where a mechanical Jaws oh-so nearly bites the screaming revellers, it was only a matter of time, and wherewithal, until a directorial Dr Frankenstein of cinema concocted a living, theatrical, experiential masterpiece elaborated from our favourite films.


Interview with Brian Griffiths, 3rd Year Tutor at the Royal Academy Schools, London

The RA Schools Show, the annual exhibition of works by final year students, opens tomorrow at the iconic Royal Academy Schools. Held in the historic studio spaces of the Schools, situated in Burlington Gardens the exhibition invites students to show works developed over a three-year period of study, providing visitors with a rare opportunity to view and buy exceptional pieces from an aspiring generation of international artists. The RA Schools support a broad range of contemporary art practice, and visitors can expect to see work that includes painting, sculpture, performance, video and digital media.

Aesthetica spoke to Brian Griffiths, 3rd year tutor at the RA Schools to discover more about the Schools unique course programme and the works on display at this year’s exhibition.