5 to See: This Weekend

From UK beaches to Latin and Central America, must-see exhibitions open 21-22 July are defined by a sense of place and local identity.

A World First

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to transform everything we do. Huawei launches the world’s first photography award judged by AI.

Innovative Architecture: 10 New Buildings

Aesthetica’s selection of visually arresting, newly-built galleries, hotels and industrial projects responds to social and environmental needs.

Otherworldly Arenas

Intrigued by social phenomena, Al Mefer’s photographs call upon artificial elements, using an intriguing interplay between shadow and colour.

Saraceno: Future Cities

Tomás Saraceno is known for examining the crossroads of art, science and architecture. A new presentation offers a multisensory arena.

5 to See: This Weekend

This weekend’s key exhibitions respond to a fast-paced digital world through otherworldly installations, architectural surveys and video works.

5 Sustainable Fashion Brands

This collection of emerging and established sustainable fashion labels offers alternative  solutions from around the world.

Top 5 UK Architecture Shows

Aesthetica collates five must-see exhibitions that pave the way for the future of urban planning through sustainable methods and new materials.

Delicate Landscapes

Turin-born Alberto Selvestrel creates indefinite landscapes that stretch into large, open expanses filled with natural contrasts and sweeping spaces.

5 to See: This Weekend

This weekend’s round-up reinvents the built environment through virtual simulations, photography and sculpture.

Uncanny Encounters

Evelyn Bencicova interprets contemporary life through an existential yet highly curated approach to visual art and photography.

Expressive Construction

As the pace of life quickens, structures are required to become more adaptable. Zaha Hadid Architects’ latest project offers a solution.

5 Photobooks to Read This Summer

A selection of this season’s must-read publications respond to key contemporary themes of post-truth, media culture, race and gender.

Cultural Identifiers

MoMA, Focal Point Gallery and the current issue of Aesthetica look towards utopian ideals through architecture and photography.

Sculptural Compositions

William Bunce and Lisa Jahovic explore shape, texture and sculpture to create minimalist imagery centred around geometry and balance.

Changing Gaze

Some things are not meant to be seen. But Trevor Paglen has made it his mission to highlight secret CIA prison sites, spy satellites and military installations.

5 to See: This Weekend

Moving into July, new photography and moving-image exhibitions explore notions of selfhood, representation and globalisation.

Top Design Shows

Expanding the boundaries of traditional practice, must-see shows open  this season occupy the intersection between art, technology and design.

Pioneering Female Architects

Foregrounding the contribution of women, this selection of female architects demonstrates innovative approaches to urban space.

Artists’ Film Screenings

Future Now: The 2018 Shortlist investigates ideas of identity through work by three shortlisted moving-image makers. 

Urban Perspectives

Siegfried Hansen’s street photography is on display this summer as part of the 2018 Hamburg Triennial, covering the theme of Breaking Point.

Considering Artifice

The topic of editing, cropping and filtering, as well as the impact of digital circulation, is addressed in several exhibitions and publications this month.

Contemporary Disconnection

Exhibitions open this summer document the fast-paced nature of the modern age by reflecting on urban and rural landscapes.

Visionary Enterprise

Looking to the future of creative production, New Designers brings together over 3000 emerging practitioners from leading institutions.

Curating Experiences

Pioneering in its extent of research, a new book from Phaidon presents a concentrated and intriguing overview of architectural exhibitions.

5 to See: This Weekend

From documentary realism to uncanny compositions, photography shows running 23-24 June engage with diverse aspects of daily life.

Expanding Definitions

In a growing digital landscape, the boundaries of photography are constantly required to evolve. PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai explores this notion.

Representations of Identity

A new publication by Katrin Tiidenberg looks at the social, technological and cultural contexts of the 21st century selfie phenomenon.

10 to See: Summer Shows

This summer’s must-see solo exhibitions, group shows and biennales demonstrate the UK’s dynamic artistic landscape.

New Worlds

Constructing a series of neon utopias, Reine Paradis’ surreal images celebrate the perplexities of the contemporary Los Angeles landscape.

Historical Devices

Mark Wallinger’s recently opened public artwork reflects upon notions of justice and democracy, offering an immersive experience.

Akomfrah: Literary Expanses

The first American survey of work by John Akomfrah investigates the legacy of colonialism, climate change and the experiences of migrants.

5 to See: This Weekend

Exploring the interactions between individuals and the 21st century landscape, must-see exhibitions unearth the uncanny in the everyday.

Rewriting Gravity

Inspired by the studio spaces of Luis Barragan, and Ricardo Bofill’s La Muralla Roja, Massimo Colonna’s images provide an arena for uncanny movement.

Reinventing History

Coinciding with Art Basel, photo basel, Switzerland’s first photography fair, investigates the boundaries between truth and fiction.

Breaching Boundaries

Founded in 1995 in the city of Gwangju in South Korea, the Gwangju Biennale is Asia’s first and most well-known contemporary art biennale.

Documenting Youth

Tish Murtha captures a sense of timelessness through photography that addresses neglected youth in the north of England.

New Mythologies

Deconstructing myths and clichés, Wild West is the outcome of a trip that Joachim Hildebrand took around the seven states of the American Southwest.

Narratives In Analogue

Wim Wenders’ visual diary of instant snapshots from the 1960s – 1980s offers a glimpse into life on set that predates social media.

5 to See: This Weekend

Photography exhibitions opening at the start of June offer encounters with the natural environment, testing the limits of representation.

10 to See: Degree Shows

In a fast-developing visual and digital world, graduates offer unique, forward-thinking perspectives on a globalised landscape.

Influential Messages

Art Basel’s photography selection includes key voices, raising awareness of ongoing social, political and ecological questions.

Moving into Architecture

Fjordenhus, the first building realised by Olafur Eliasson and his architectural team, builds on a socially and conceptually responsive practice.

Linear Environments

Having worked as a freelance illustrator for years, Recchia now focuses on the banality of everyday life, looking at the forms of the urban environment. 

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