Stephen Hall: A Brit from Abroad, Storm Fine Arts

Stephen Hall: A Brit from Abroad, Storm Fine Arts

New York-based artist Stephen Hall is an artist who takes a traditional approach to a modern subject. Born in Scotland, the painter has spent many years refining his talent and now produces spectacularly bold and provocative pieces. Each of his works is a composition of numerous layers, executed without any contemporary trickery, such as digital assistance or an airbrush. Consequently, the resulting canvas is awash with a density of colour and variations of light and dark.

Through his practice, Hall delves into the relationships humanity constructs with one another, with places and with surroundings. The artist seeks to portray the underlying order in the increasingly chaotic lives of civilisation. As such, his works are vivid and somewhat intoxicating, finished with a slick style and intense precision.

Hall’s art has been exhibited throughout the world since the early 1980s. His work also finds a place in corporate and private collections and has been featured in movies, music videos and magazines. In addition to all of this, he has also illustrated book covers for A.A. Milne, J.G. Ballard and Russell Greenan.

From 21 June until 6 July, Hall’s work will appear in a group exhibition at the Westbeth Gallery, New York. Curated by his wife Samantha Hall, A Bit of Brit celebrates Hall alongside 8 of his contemporaries and celebrates the artistic output of British artists at work in New York. The presentation includes a variety of experienced sculptors, painters, photographers and textile artists.

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1. Imperialist, Stephen Hall, courtesy of the artist and Storm Fine Arts.