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Kevin Cooley: A Thousand Miles an Hour, Ryan Lee Gallery, New York

Kevin Cooley considers our evolving relationship with technology, nature, and ultimately each other. The underlying conceptual framework of his work is how these forces contend with each other.

Kevin Cooley & Phillip Andrew Lewis: Unexplored Territory

Bringing together photographs, photograms, videos, and works on paper, Unexplored Territory is a collection of varied and interconnected work from Kevin Cooley and Phillip Andrew Lewis.

Interview with Photographer and Artist Kevin Cooley

Kevin Cooley presents his stunning photographs from his Night for Night series in Aesthetica Issue 51. His largescale video installation, Skyward, is currently on show at Pierogi’s The Boiler.

5 to See: This Weekend

Shows opening 24-25 February explore how personal and geographical backgrounds contribute to an understanding of individuality.

Restorative Compositions

Highlighting the unpredictability and power of nature, Kopeikin Gallery presents Kevin Cooley’s latest photographic examination: Still Burning.

Aesthetica Issue 80 Available Now

The December / January issue is about ideas. The notion that progress is continuous, and that we can change things if we want to, is a powerful statement.

Modes of Communication

At Light’s Edge provides desolate views of American landscapes illuminated by eerie distress signals – messages coming from above or vice-versa.

Moving Image, Contemporary Video Art Fair, New York

Moving Image opens next week in New York. For its third edition there is a line up of special projects and panel discussions, besides an international selection of single-channel videos and installations.

Degrees of Uncertainty

Concerned with observing the world, Kevin Cooley captures a profound and intense mood through his treatment of light, colour and object.