Hamlet’s Hybris (A Remix), Short Film from ASFF

Prince Hamlet is on a journey to England. While making plans for revenge on his father’s murder, he is caught between his hybris and insanity. The murderer, Hamlet’s uncle who has taken his father’s place on the throne of Denmark, now wants to kill him. Finally, Hamlet knows he has to escape death through transformation. The film has five episodes referring to the classical Hamlet’s five-act structure, with excerpts of original dialogue remixed with sounds and music. Scenes are shot in the UK, France, Germany, Finland and Norway. This production featured in Aesthetica Short Film Festival (ASFF) 2012 as part of the Experimental Films series. There is still chance to submit a short film to ASFF 2013, which runs 7 – 10 November across the city of York. The final deadline for submissions is 31 May.

ASFF allows for both budding and established filmmakers to connect with new, worldwide audiences and interact with some of the biggest personalities in the film industry today. High profile attendees in 2012 included representatives from Warp, BAFTA, Channel 4 and Raindance. Over 200 films will be screened at this unique event, in 15 iconic locations across the historic city of York, uniting a stunning setting with cultural experience.

In addition to great exposure at the festival, the Winner will receive £750 among other prizes and screenings at a number of other UK festivals; the People’s Choice Winner will receive £250. A shortlist of finalists will be included on the ASFF Sampler DVD, which will be distributed with the December 2013 issue of Aesthetica Magazine, the international arts and culture publication. Finalists will also be included in an editorial feature in the magazine, which has a worldwide audience of 140,000.

ASFF are looking for films 25 minutes and under of all genres to screen at the festival in November 2013. Entry is £15 and the deadline for submissions is 31 May 2013. For more information, please visit www.asff.co.uk.

1. Hamlet’s Hybris (A Remix), Juha Hansen, courtesy of Vimeo.