Bob and Roberta Smith and Wolfgang Tillmans Appointed Tate Trustees

This just in… The Board of Trustees of Tate has announced today that the Prime Minister has appointed Bob and Roberta Smith and Wolfgang Tillmans…

Argentina’s Gustavo Ortiz at the Pure Evil Gallery, London

Contemporary visual art takes many forms – the aritsts’ mission today in infused with defining that concept. Gustavo Ortiz is one of Argentina’s rising stars…

Inkygoodness 3, Wonderland Exhibition showcases the work of new and emerging talent from the UK and beyond.

Inkygoodness is a Bristol-Birmingham based duo that organise exhibitions providing a unique platform for emerging talent to showcase their work alongside established artists. Inviting you…

Artists’ run spaces reinvigorate the gallery

Opening on 4 July at Eastside Projects in Birmingham, a solo show by Glasgow based artists Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan. The collaborative duo have…

Art Basel 40 – strong results for 2009

The sentiment reflected throughout the art world has been that of the recession, cut backs and closures. It has been a tumultuous time for all…

Design: The Changing Face of the Aesthetic Environment

Saville is a natural and engaging speaker, and he profusely urges us to stop and consider our state of play. He is still open to all possibilities and contemplates his opinions to an extensive degree.

Contemporary Chinese Art Rises Again

Chen Ke, one of China’s new generation of young artists discusses her work, the dichotomies of identity, personal tastes and culture in the flux of modern China.

Polish Art Now

Explorations on the built environment, avant-garde inheritance, and individuality bring together the work of 15 Polish artists, and an exposé on Tadeusz Kantor.

Making Worlds in Venice

The 53rd Venice Biennale, directed by Daniel Birnbaum, offers a glimpse at the ideas of freedom, originality and the purpose of expression.

Photography’s Narrative on the American West

The American West is symbolic, from cowboys to canyons. Into the Sunset explores photography’s ephemeral qualities from the 1850s to the present.

Hybrid Art

Boo Ritson’s painted people examine the cultural stereotypes of the collective imagination, and effortlessly fuse sculpture and painting into a new form.

An Absurdist View on Being Human

Chris Gollon has been probing the human condition from an absurdist point of view for the greater part of two decades. His work promises to evoke this age-old topic.

Emancipated Spaces: Art in the Global Age

Transmission Interrupted at Modern Art Oxford, encourages a considered attitude to both the physical and sociological influences of the 21st century milieu.

A Retrospective of “The Quiet Man of the YBAs”

Showcasing works from the late Angus Fairhurst, Arnolfini draws attention to the range and melancholy of this often overlooked Young British Artist.

The End of Postmodernism

The curator of the fourth Tate Triennial, Nicolas Bourriaud introduces a new term “Altermodern” in response to the increasingly global context we live in.

Releasing Forces Within the Human Psyche

Roger Ballen employs 50 years of photographic experience to understand how a photograph affects the human psyche in his latest book, Boarding House.

Chinese Contemporary Art Beyond the Global Market

China China China!!! features 18 contemporary Chinese artists whose work is unconstrained by the recently increased demand for Chinese art.

The new contemporary art season

In Winter 2008, the Royal Academy of Arts opened its doors to challenging and exciting works of art, that question not only the conceptual, but the theoretical.

Gender & Identity: Samoa’s Narratives

Shigeyuki Kihara: Living Photographs explores themes of Pacific culture, identity, colonialism, stereotypes and gender roles.

Theatrical, Immersive and Voyeuristic

The exploration of immersive art is celebrated in Modern Art Oxford’s multimedia installations from Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller.