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5 to See: This Weekend

Moving towards the end of May, top shows and events investigate what it means to live in an increasingly globalised landscape.

Personal Architecture

Architects Houses, a new release from Princeton Architectural Press, brings together 30 leading designers to discuss their personal dwellings.

Geometric Abstraction

At Fondation Cartier’s Géométries Sud, Du Mexique à la Terre de Feu, Latin American art meets European Modernism in a cacophony of colour and texture.

Visual Stimulation

Exploring the relationship between light, colour and the human condition, Liz West produces installations which illuminate spaces with multi-coloured hues.

Inventive Movements

A new show opening this week investigates Postmodernism through British buildings, unearthing how designers make use of the past.

Structural Hybridity

Taking place at MoMA, Toward a Concrete Utopia explores the building design that was produced during the 45 years of former Yugoslavia’s existence.

Imaginative Structures

“Creating architecture is like planting seeds of the future.” Innovative architect Sou Fujimoto is celebrated in Japan House London’s new show.

Ecological Responses

A new publication by Hatje Cantz, entitled Eco-Visionaries, reflects on the relationship between art, architecture and the environment.

5 to Read: This Month

This month’s new releases look at the importance of architectural and photographic forms for the continuation of social innovation and progression. 

Documenting Architecture

As part of La Triennale di Milano, an exhibition tracks Italian artist and photographer Luigi Ghirri’s engagement with architecture.

Capturing Reconstruction

“I came to see the buildings as fossils of a time past.” Danny Lyon’s The Destruction of Lower Manhattan documents a period of transition.

Bauhaus: An Influential History

Thames and Hudson’s The Spirit of Bauhaus historicises the movement’s origins, reminding readers of the roots which led to an ongoing legacy.

Architectural Innovation

The design for the new National Museum of Qatar by Jean Nouvel is inspired by the desert rose, featuring a series of interlocking discs.

Structural Dialogues

Work by Guido Guidi examines the geometric structure of the built environment through an abstracted visions of colour and form.

Pivotal Moments

Solar Gate, a new 10-metre high sundial, uses solar alignment to mark significant times in Hull’s cultural history.

Structural Critique

Examining the changing definition of architecture after modernism, Gordon Matta-Clark’s work offers insight into deconstruction,

5 to Read: This Month

This month’s new releases negotiate how senses and visceral appreciations are integral to the creation, purpose and perception of contemporary art.

Translating Nature

Blurring the boundaries between industrial craftsmanship and ecological growth, Stedelijk Museum presents Studio Drift: Uncoded Nature.

Dynamic Construction

Perspective Office is a new sustainable building designed by Slash Architects, an award-winning firm that works with a holistic approach.

Uncanny Topographies

A testament to the interdisciplinary nature of photography, Kate Ballis creates unique, colour-drenched images using infrared technology.

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