Payment Queries

How much is it to enter?

£24 (GBP – pounds sterling). One Entry Fee permits the submission of two works into any one discipline, except for the Artists' Film in which case you can submit one work per Entry Fee. You can enter as many times as you wish.

How can I pay my Entry Fee?

You can pay online using Paypal or your credit/debit card. To pay please go to the Enter page.

I'm having difficulty with Verified by Visa. What should I do?

Verified by Visa is an additional security measure introduced by Visa in association with some card issuers to further protect you from unauthorised card use when shopping online. If you are experiencing difficulties with Verified by Visa, please click here to find out more.

What is your refund policy for competition entries?

If at any time you wish to withdraw from the Aesthetica Art Prize, we will offer you a full refund within 28 days of the purchase date. Refunds will be made by the same method of payment. Please call us on (+44) (0)1904 629 137 during business hours or email us at and explain that you would like to withdraw.

If it is after the 28 days of the purchase date, or if you enter the competition but fail to send your work, a refund cannot be processed.

A pleasant shopping experience with Aesthetica Magazine Ltd is very important to us. Our customer service is exemplary.  If you have any questions or queries regarding the award or your entry, please contact us on (+44) (0)1904 629 137 or email us at

General Queries

What is the time-scale?

Aesthetica Art Prize 2019

December 2018: Open for Entries
31 August 2019: Closed for Entries
September - December 2019: Judging
December 2019: Longlist Announced
January 2020: Shortlist Announced
January 2020: Exhibition Dates Announced
Spring 2020: Exhibition Opens
Winners announced at exhibition Opening Night

Please note, as the process is in annual cycles, the 2018 Art Prize is currently underway. We will be announcing the 2018 longlist and shortlist whilst the 2019 Call for Entries is still open.

Is there a maximum size limit?

The Art Prize can accept large pieces of artwork, depending on the available space within the gallery for the exhibition in spring.

Is there a theme to the Art Prize?

No, there is no theme to the Aesthetica Art Prize. It is an open call for entries and you are welcome to submit work on any subject.

Who can enter the Art Prize?

Anyone can enter the Aesthetica Art Prize. This is an international competition and there is no age limit; we welcome work from entrants of all ages and nationalities. We encourage current students and recent graduates to submit to the Emerging Art Prize.

Do I retain the rights to my work?

Yes, all entrants retain the copyright to all work submitted.

Can I get feedback on my work?

Due to the number of entries received, the judges unfortunately cannot offer any feedback on unsuccessful entries.

I am no longer, or soon to be no longer, a student. Which prize should I enter?

You may enter the prize that you feel is the most relevant to you. If you have been a full or part time student at any time during the last three years then you are welcome to enter the Emerging Art Prize. However, if you would rather enter the Main Prize, then you are also free to do so.

Intellectual Property

Artists that enter their work into the Aesthetica Art Prize confirm that they hold all intellectual property rights. By entering the Aesthetica Art Prize artists also agree to their works being used in any publicity materials – print or online. Artists will be credited in full.

Do I need music/sound rights for my submission?

Yes. You are fully responsible for the clearance of all music or sound contained in your entry. You may be required to produce documentation at any time. Find out more at: BBC Film Network, The American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers

My entry contains film/movie clips from other sources. Do I need to acquire copyright, even for non-commercial use?

Yes, you are still responsible for the clearance to use all external material. You may be required to produce documentation at any time.

What is the difference between the longlist and the shortlist?

The longlist is the full list of 100 artists who are selected for the Aesthetica Art Prize. The longlist receives publication in Future Now: 100 Contemporary Artists, an image of their work shown on a monitor in the Aesthetica Art Prize exhibition and further exposure through Aesthetica's online channels.

The shortlist is selected out of the longlist. Shortlisted artists are invited to take part in a group exhibition in York. Shortlisted artists are eligible for the Main Art Prize award and the Emerging Art Prize award. They also receive editorial coverage in Aesthetica Magazine. See the full list of prizes here.

How will the Aesthetica Art Prize be judged?

The panel will select artworks based on a set of selection criteria. 100 artists will be longlisted, out of which a selection will be shortlisted. Shortlisted artists will be invited to participate in the exhibition. Shortlisted and longlisted artists will be published in the anthology. There will be two winners, one from the Main Prize and one from the Emerging Art Prize, and these will be announced at the Private View of the exhibition.

What will the editorial in Aesthetica consist of for the winners?

The April/May issue of Aesthetica will include a feature on the Art Prize in which the winners will receive a mention.

What is the accompanying publication winners and finalists will be included in?

Future Now: 100 Contemporary Artists is a dynamic guide to international contemporary art, and includes all longlisted and shortlisted artists from the Aesthetica Art Prize. The book also features a collection of critical essays by influential art figures including curators and artists. The Anthology will be published in spring to accompany the exhibition and is distributed in UK galleries and online.

When will the finalists be announced?

The longlist will be announced in December 2019. The shortlist will be announced in January 2020.

When will the winners be announced?

The winners will be announced at the opening of the group exhibition in York in spring 2020.

Can I sell my work before/during the exhibition?

The Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition is a non-selling exhibition. You may sell your work before or during the exhibition, as long as the work is still available to be exhibited for the duration of the event.

Submission Queries

How do I submit my work to you?

In the first instance, all artists are required to submit their works as images/video as part of the online application process – these should be attached as JPG, PNG or PDF (maximum file size 10MB in total). If you are a shortlisted artist, you will then be notified and we will require your works to be shipped for the exhibition. Please do not send your physical artwork to us unless you are notified that you are shortlisted.

Click here to enter

Do I have to send the work itself with my submission form?

No, in the first instance we require only photo documentation of the work being submitted.

I have sent my work but have not yet heard back from you, have you received it?

Once you have submitted your work, you will receive a confirmation email within 14 days after your entry has been processed. If you have not heard back from us within 14 days, please check your junk folder before contacting us at

What happens if I am selected for the Aesthetica Art Prize?

If you are shortlisted or longlisted for the Prize you will be asked to supply a high resolution image of your artwork for inclusion in the accompanying publication.

If you are shortlisted for the Prize, you will be asked to supply your artwork for the exhibition in York, UK. Artists selected for the exhibition will be responsible for all transportation (delivery and collection) and insurance costs of artworks. If you wish to attend the exhibition please note that all travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the artist.

Once artworks are on display they will be invigilated and exhibited in a secure location.

Artists will be asked to ship their artwork or deliver to York in early 2020.

Can I enter more than one work?

Yes. You may enter as many times as you wish, providing you purchase an entry fee for each submission.

If you wish to purchase multiple entries, please select "add entries to cart" at the checkout. You will need to enter a title for each entry (the name can be changed once the entry has been purchased).

Each entry fee allows you to submit two works into any one discipline (if you are entering an Artists' Film, you may submit one work per entry fee). If you wish to submit to two different disciplines, you may purchase another entry fee. 

Do I need to enter pieces of a series separately?

No. A series can be submitted as one work. Please provide documentation of the series as a whole.

How do I submit a video, installation or performance piece?

If you are entering a video, installation or performance piece, you may link to an online video of your work (on Vimeo, for example) and upload still image documentation.

What is a low-res image?

Low-res is short for Low Resolution and is the standard size for images on the internet. A low-res image has a resolution of around 72 dpi (dots per inch). We ask for your submission to be low-res for the judging process because they can be emailed to us easily. If your work is selected for publication in the annual, we will contact you for a larger high-res version of your image.

Can I submit work that has been previously published elsewhere?

Yes. We accept works previously published and exhibited elsewhere. Please include information on previous publication and exhibition on your submission form. This will not affect the judging process. In the event that you are successful, it is good-practice for competitions and magazines to credit previously published and exhibited works.

Can I alter my entry once it has been submitted?

Alterations can be made to a submitted piece, as the work will be stored on your personal account on our entry platform. However, due to the high volume of entries, judging will begin before the deadline of 31 August. It is at the judges' discretion whether they re-review any updated work.