VOLTA10 Video Series: Kadar Brock

VOLTA10 returns to Basel from 16-21 June. This year the vibrant art fair has teamed up with GalleryLOG to produce a number of inspiring videos that take a closer look at the work produced by a number of artists appearing at VOLTA. This year’s films cover Melanie Bonajo, Kadar Brock, Peter Funch, Anthony Goicolea, Patrick Jacobs and Todd Pavlisko. The participants are involved in a number of different creative forms, including sculpture, interactive art, painting and photography. Officially released on 14 June, Aesthetica readers can watch an exclusive preview on the blog. Over the next few days we will be posting some of the insightful short films.

Kadar Brock’s recent work is made up of paint scrapings, stacked upon each other with little intervention beyond their physical combination. The paintings from which this material was derived had been the focus of emotional attention and intention; paintings steeped in Romanticism, with considered brush strokes and markings. The scrapings were formed as a by product of the creation of the self reflective, self, editing process paintings he has become known for.

VOLTA10 presents contemporary art galleries of global prestige whose artists represent new and relevant positions for curators and collectors alike. Focusing on businesses that choose to work with the most exciting emerging artists, VOLTA is the place to discover the best new practitioners at work today.

VOLTA10, 16-21 June, Markthalle, Basel, Switzerland.

1. Courtesy of GalleryLOG.