Ask The Artist

Friederike Hantel’s artwork is inspired by a mixture of international pop influences. She creates a bizarre but beautiful and humorous view of the world around her, using stylistic quotations from, and new arrangements of, different artistic eras.

A: As a freelance illustrator, designer and animator, what is a typical day like for you?

FH: Well, I am my own boss, and I try to structure the week as well as possible, which always turns out impossible, because the incoming commissions as an freelance illustrator are totally unpredictable. So often the major plan is not really a plan, just a changing panic of priorities!

Even my wake-up time depends upon night shifts and deadlines. Because of this, I try to start the day, hopefully at 8:00, by recharging myself with breakfast, good music and meditation. I then cycle to my studio which I share with friends. We often cook lunch together. Commonly I am only able to start working really focused after lunch, sitting in front of my laptop and hardly trying not to do everything at the same time.

When I’m finally working, I am very concentrated. The duration of my regular working day also depends upon the projects: sometimes you have really nothing, sometimes everything at once. Because of that I pretend to know how important it is to finish at some point and do something nice for yourself like sport or going out.

Often I leave the studio and go directly to the gym around 19:00, then do some cooking after that, and then often get lost in the internet and stay awake way too long.

Image: Cybercrime. Commissioned by Spiegel Wissen.