5 To See This Weekend

This weekend is an opportunity to visit a range of diverse and extraordinary exhibitions. From foregrounding emerging Welsh photographers at Ffotogallery in Cardiff to a retrospective account of artist Oscar Muñoz’s 40 year career at Jeu de Paume in Paris, galleries across the globe are showcasing the best of the art world, both past and present. Read on to see our five recommended shows.

1. Robert Capa: Capa in Color, International Center of Photography, New York
The International Center of Photography is showcasing the work of famed photographer Robert Capa. Although Capa in renowned for his pre-war black and white stills, the exhibition offers a rare glimpse into his use of colour. With over 100 photographs on display, many of which have never been printed or shown to the public, Capa’s images are vivid accounts of the post-war era. His many portraits of famous actors, from Ingrid Bergman to Humphrey Bogart, combined with the new, exotic medium of colour photography, transported his contemporary audience into a seductive and decadent world.

2. Journal, Institute of Contemporary Art, London
The work of various contemporary artists goes on display this summer in this unique exhibition. Centred loosely on the theme “Journal”, the practitioners are invited to explore social and historical events, from the aftermath of the 2011 Japanese earthquake to the remaining tensions in post-war Iraq. As in a journal, the individuals each attempt to make sense of and bring focus to the world surrounding them. There are five individual presentations on display, ranging from photography and installation to film, presenting the work of Rossella Biscotti, Edson Chagas, Cyprien Gaillard, Paulo Nazareth, and Koki Tanaka.

3. Wish You Were Here, Ffotogallery, Cardiff
Returning again to Cardiff this year, Wish You Were Here is a series of exhibitions and events highlighting emerging Welsh photographic talent. From black and white stills of the Welsh landscape to innovative works that demonstrate the very latest in photographic techniques, the exhibition provides its audience with a huge range of artists and works. There are also a number of key solo exhibitions by Janire Najera, Ryan L. Moule, Gareth Phillips and Eleanor Whiteman, as well as the specially curated group show, At Home He’s A Tourist.

4. Oscar Muñoz: Protographs, Jeu de Paume, Paris
Born in 1951 in Popayán (Colombia), Oscar Muñoz is regarded as one of France’s most important contemporary artists, his work ranging from photography to sculptures and installations. In this exhibition, material spanning Muñoz’s 40 year career goes on display, providing a unique retrospective on the artist. The theme “Protographs” (a term coined to evoke the instant just before or just after the split-second where a photographic image is captured and frozen for ever) provides a dream-like filter for Muñoz’s work. Playing with light and shadow, the artist charts his own past through the pieces, drawing parallels between the fragility of memory and the transient, disintegrating qualities of the displayed works.

5. Phyllida Barlow: GIG, Hauser & Wirth, Somerset
Hauser & Wirth presents Phyllida Barlow’s GIG, a new show inspired by the architecture and landscape surrounding the gallery. Following her critically acclaimed Duveen Galleries Commission dock at Tate Britain, Barlow utilises her innovative sculptural style for GIG. Occupying the 18th century Threshing Barn, outdoor spaces, several farm buildings and one of the new galleries, Barlow’s pieces are a bold exploration of the relationship between art and physical spaces. Using ready-materials such as polystyrene, cardboard and plaster, Barlow’s constructions challenge the viewer to examine their surroundings. The installations range from a vibrant patchwork of fabric pompons extending into the rafters of the Threshing Barn, to stacks of painted chairs.

1. Phyllida Barlow, Installation view, Des Moines Art Center Des Moines IA, 2014 © Phyllida Barlow Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth Photo: Paul Crosby.