VOLTA 11, Basel, 15-20 June

Opening in Basel for its 11th anniversary, VOLTA once again proves its worth as a champion of new and emerging artists. VOLTA made its debut in 2005, working to create a platform for international galleries, highlighting the talent of the artists involved. Creatives from across the globe, working in all manner of mediums, take part in the VOLTA fairs, in both Basel and New York. Their presence, coupled with a 50 percent attendance increase from the public, serves as a testimony to VOLTA’s tireless work ethic, strong values and firm principles.

The variety of work on display guarantees there will be something for even the most discerning viewer to enjoy, with sculpture and canvas sitting alongside energetic performance pieces. All the works are brought together via a shared commitment to standing at the forefront of art dialogue, an ambition to create relevant and challenging art. Batia Shani has hand sewn Iraqi army uniforms into feminine dresses, her deft hands turning the uniforms into an emulation of personal loss and violence against women. At the other side of the gallery, artist Jeannette Ehler performs Whip It Good!, savagely attacking a white canvas with a charcoal soaked whip. The violent physicality of the piece is a far cry from Shani’s dresses, a theme of difference, which is continued throughout the exhibition.

In this video, Gail Stoicheff provides a succinct summary of this will to challenge the pre-requisites of the art world, to rethink ideas of composition and to rebel against the careful format of design being forced upon us by the world at large.

VOLTA 11, 15-20 June. Visit www.voltashow.com for more details.

1. Video courtesy of GalleryLOG.