Visual Critique

Visual Critique

Laurie Simmons’ (b. 1949) prolific oeuvre explores how image culture creates and perpetuates myths within society. A retrospective show at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago highlights the artist’s exploration of female gender roles – drawing on works from the late-1970s to today.

Laurie Simmons Big Camera, Little Camera, 1976.
Photo courtesy of the artist and Salon 94, © Laurie Simmons.

The strikingly relevant works span photographs, sculptures and films, many of which manipulate scale to investigate ideas of fiction and reality. Tropes from Simmons’ childhood come under scrutiny – including the 1950s housewife and the Wild West cowboy.

The exhibition opens 23 February. Find out more here.

1. Laurie Simmons, Country Road: Kentucky, 1984. Photo: courtesy the artist and Salon 94, © Laurie Simmons.