Next Generation 2017: Social Arenas

As part of a yearly collaboration with the London College of Communication, Aesthetica presents an exciting list of emerging artists who utilise photography as a medium through which to highlight, accentuate and solidify the transient intimacy of human nature.

Nicola Muirhead is a British-Bermudian documentary photographer and visual storyteller. Before completing her MA in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism at LCC in 2017, Nicola worked as a photojournalist for her local newspaper in Bermuda. After two years, she began to explore deeper means of storytelling as a visual artist, creating a social-interactive community art installation that addressed sensitive and celebrated themes within her island community through photography and multimedia. This became the ethos of her future work: to take a sociological approach to communities through the medium of visual storytelling. Since then, her projects have focused on rural and urban communities, as well as personal / cultural identities.

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