Mythic Realms

Mythic Realms

Anonymous figures traverse otherworldly caves and grottoes. Purples, oranges and greens meld in layered liquid montages. London-based artist Esther Teichmann’s works slip between autobiography and fiction, featuring characters that dream within mythic realms.

Esther Teichmann, Untitled from The Heavy Sea, 2019. Courtesy of Flowers Gallery.

The works are on display in On Sleeping and Drowning at Flowers Gallery, London. Plunging audiences into dark and sensuous environments, the exhibition revels in the power of storytelling to evoke narratives of loss and desire.

Esther Teichmann. Courtesy of Flowers Gallery.

Cloaked in dripping inks and bathed in subtle colours, the subjects appear out of reach, lost within faraway stories. References to water are significant: seaweed, swamps and coral feature heavily in Teichmann’s allegorical dreamscapes.

Esther Teichmann, Untitled from The Heavy Sea, 2018. Courtesy of Flowers Gallery.

Inside the space, painted backdrops, moving images, sound and objects transform the gallery into a multidisciplinary arena. Imaginary landscapes to come to life, taking viewers on a deeply revelatory journey.

The exhibition runs until 22 June. Find out more here.

Lead image: Esther Teichmann, Courtesy of Flowers Gallery.