Aesthetica Magazine Issue 37

October / November 2010

Paradoxically, everything comes alive in October. From digital art, media and film festivals to the barrage of art fairs, if you’re looking to capture some new ideas, now is the time. The past few months have seen yet another upheaval, while the full impact of the change in government in the UK has yet to be realised, it’s important to remember that we do have choices. It’s amazing what can be achieved in the face of adversity.

This issue begins with Small Scale, Big Change, a survey of 11 architectural projects that redress the debate between architecture and society. Exploring the idea of the unique in Mechanical Couture, designers are re-engaging with mechanical repro­duction. British photographer, Neeta Madahar, cr­eates beautiful images that contemplate the genre. This is juxtaposed with newcomer, Rebecca Handler, whose work embraces new technologies, raising questions around contemporary image-making.

In film, Clio Barnard explores the life of playwright, Andrea Dunbar in her groundbreaking film, The Arbor. While Elliot Grove, founder of Raindance Film Festival offers 10 compelling tips on zero budget filmmaking from story and sound to actors and location. In music, The Hundred in the Hands, New York City’s latest export, discuss influences and synth-pop. We also engage in the debate sur­rounding vinyl – is it in or out? Writer, Salvatore Scibona’s vividly real book, The End examines heritage and immigration, while Polly Samson offers a taster from her new collection, Perfect Lives. In theatre, The Thrill of It All fuses dance and drama, but we’re not talking musicals here. Finally, Lorenzo Fusi, curator of the Liverpool Biennial discusses this year’s programme.

This issue combines the best from across the spectrum of the art world, engaging with new ideas, concepts and opens up the forum for debate on the wider issues raised. Enjoy.

Neeta Madahar

In autumn 2010 at the Purdy Hicks Gallery, Neeta Madahar explored the natural and the contrived by subverting the airbrushed and the false.

Mechanical Couture

Eschewing their mass-market traditions, new designers are increasingly looking towards the machine to invade the realm of haute couture and reassess uniqueness.

New Architectures of Social Engagement

Small Scale, Big Change explores 11 new architectural projects redressing the social responsibilities of architecture and debunking grand manifestos.