Aesthetica Magazine Issue 37

October / November 2010

Paradoxically, everything comes alive in October. From digital art, media and film festivals to the barrage of art fairs, if you’re looking to capture some new ideas, now is the time. The past few months have seen yet another upheaval, while the full impact of the change in government in the UK has yet to be realised, it’s important to remember that we do have choices. It’s amazing what can be achieved in the face of adversity.

This issue begins with Small Scale, Big Change, a survey of 11 architectural projects that redress the debate between architecture and society. Exploring the idea of the unique in Mechanical Couture, designers are re-engaging with mechanical repro­duction. British photographer, Neeta Madahar, cr­eates beautiful images that contemplate the genre. This is juxtaposed with newcomer, Rebecca Handler, whose work embraces new technologies, raising questions around contemporary image-making.

In film, Clio Barnard explores the life of playwright, Andrea Dunbar in her groundbreaking film, The Arbor. While Elliot Grove, founder of Raindance Film Festival offers 10 compelling tips on zero budget filmmaking from story and sound to actors and location. In music, The Hundred in the Hands, New York City’s latest export, discuss influences and synth-pop. We also engage in the debate sur­rounding vinyl – is it in or out? Writer, Salvatore Scibona’s vividly real book, The End examines heritage and immigration, while Polly Samson offers a taster from her new collection, Perfect Lives. In theatre, The Thrill of It All fuses dance and drama, but we’re not talking musicals here. Finally, Lorenzo Fusi, curator of the Liverpool Biennial discusses this year’s programme.

This issue combines the best from across the spectrum of the art world, engaging with new ideas, concepts and opens up the forum for debate on the wider issues raised. Enjoy.

Martin Eder: The Pale Dance

Martin Eder has an interesting place in the art world. Using watercolour as his medium Eder is something of a maverick.

Contemporary Asian Art

This new compendium provides a critical reference on contemporary Asian art, surveying art created in Asia or by Asian artists from the 1990s onwards.

Hannah Wilke

In this collection, Nancy Princenthal not only presents a comprehensive survey of the Wilke’s oeuvre but also uncovers the rhetoric behind the artist’s work.

Look at the Birdie

Including 14 previously unpublished stories that Vonnegut wrote in the 1950s, Look at the Birdie provides insight into the early development of Vonnegut’s style.

Operation Napoleon

Operation Napoleon is a intriguing novel, bleak and harsh in its description of cold, military narratives.

The Interrogative Mood

The Interrogative Mood is a remarkable book. Com­posed entirely of questions, the premise seems arbitrary yet it is astonishingly insightful.

Refracted Dreams in the New World

In The End, Scibona presents a powerful discourse on the realities of being an immigrant in a country where hopes and dreams can fast turn to poverty and loss.

The Thrill of It All

Forced Entertainment’s reconciles the conflict between performer and performance, using movement and sound to reveal the rusted mechanics of theatre.

For a Minor Reflection

Comprised of four young boys from Reykjavik, FAMR is a band with fantastic potential and bucket-loads of ambition.


These sentimental Swedes have created an album with heart warming sensibilities snugly fitting into Nu Gaze.

Wax Tailor

Produced in Paris and New York, In the Mood for Life is infused with urban life, celebrating the notion of city living.

Maps & Atlases

The upbeat, catchy nature of this album has a touch of Vampire Weekend, but it’s the strikingly high-speed guitar riffs that give Maps & Atlases their trademark edge.


Cortney Tidwell is well known in the world of country; her family have played a significant role in Nashville’ industry.

Mice Parade

The new record from Mice Parade is their first in the band’s second decade – and if you haven’t already heard of them, you should start with this album.

The Hundred In the Hands

The Hundred in the Hands’ first full-length album, retains the excitement and fervour expected of a debut, while creating a practiced, coherent sound.

Written in Wax

Vinyl records occupy a very curious space in the musical landscape – but is it a dying format kept on life support by die-hard fans, or is it a sign of something bigger?

Lorenzo Fusi

Lorenzo Fusi is the curator for International, the lead exhibition at the 2010 edition of the Liverpool Biennial.

Make Your Film: Part 1

Elliot Grove, Founder of Raindance Film Festival, offers Ten Ways to help you Make Compelling Content.

The Arbor

Clio Barnard’s exploration of playwright, Andrea Dunbar’s life, combines reality with artifice in an exciting new creation.

Rebecca Handler

Newcomer, Rebecca Handler, explores visual culture within the context of contemporary image-making.