Ecological Relationships

Ecological Relationships

A collaborative project between photographer Jeroen Toirkens and journalist  Brandt Corstius – entitled Borealis: Halfway – records the stories of the boreal forests in northern Europe, Asia and North America, and those who inhabit them.

Emphasising the universal importance of such natural environments whilst exploring  the feelings of mystery and anonymity they evoke, the collection of images and words acts as a reminder of humanity’s place within wider ecosystems.

The series is on display at Kahmann Gallery, Amsterdam, until 20 November. Find out more here. 

1. Genady’s car, from the series Borealis, 2018 © Jeroen Toirkens/Kahmann Gallery
2. Two granny pines, Scotland, February, 2017  from the series Borealis, © Jeroen Toirkens/Kahmann Gallery
3. Boreal Tree 23, Scotland, from the series Borealis, 2017 © Jeroen Toirkens/Kahmann Gallery