5 to See: This Weekend

Recommended shows for mid-October highlight the Bauhaus centenary, emerging female artists and contemporary practice across Asia.

Light and Darkness

Step into Alfredo Jaar’s ‘The Garden of Good and Evil’ and you’ll get a jolt. Dreamy visions suddenly give way to a concealed steel cell, and another.

5 to Read: This Month

Aesthetica selects new publications for October. Photography, architecture, fashion and art come together in a printed celebration of culture.

Global Response

“We have to see humanity as one.” Ai Weiwei is one of the world’s most recognised contemporary voices. A new show opens in the USA.

Clean Lines

Lina Benouhoud’s works – documenting real-life locations – feature subtle changes in perspective on contemporary buildings and still lifes.

Conceptual Connections

Montréal-based Anne-Marie Giroux seeks to create a correlation between body, material and movement, “drifting” from shape to colour with fluidity.

Visible Tension

Interlinked arms. Tense bodily postures. An anonymous embrace. These are the scenes described by Polish artist Joanna Piotrowska.

Expansive Worlds

Every other year, the renowned Turner Prize leaves Tate Britain and is presented at a venue outside London. This year it’s held at TC Margate.

An Enduring Collection

Viewpoints: Photographs from the Howard Greenberg Collection is a testament to visual, collective memory and the physical print.

Future Craftsmanship

The Loewe Foundation Craft Prize is an international award celebrating excellence in craftsmanship. It is open for the 2020 edition.

5 to See: This Weekend

In this week’s must-see exhibitions, artists from Africa, Asia, Europe and the West Indies visualise everyday realities through photography.

Beyond Definition

Vibrant colours. Abstracted figures. Enclosed spaces. Christina Quarles creates bright and complex paintings loaded with meaning.

Magical Realism

In her first USA solo museum exhibition, Cig Harvey teases out the senses through dreamy montages that focus on the changing everyday.

Illuminated Architecture

The iconic architecture of York Minster is transformed by ‘Northern Lights’ – a sound and light installation that unites past and present.

Portraits Reinvented

Rolling waves, handheld mirrors and animated paintstrokes. These images are seemingly simplistic yet awash with sensory and visual information.

Dynamic Storytelling

Los Angeles-based director, photographer and designer Jimmy Marble returns with a publication of colourful images from effervescent worlds.

Breaking New Ground

The work of Judith Chafee established a sense of stewardship with the land. Her buildings continue to inspire in an age of climate emergency.

Radical Transformation

Antwaun Sargent’s bold publication addresses a history of exclusion, provoking dialogues about representation, sexuality, gender and identity.

Tranquil Environments

Six N. Five’s Co-Existe series is a collaborative project fuelled by a shared love of finding tranquil moments in an otherwise chaotic world.

Paired Direction

Immaculate green lawns. Clean white stripes. Blanket blue skies. Benedict Adu’s images are a concoction of creativity and dynamic energy.

Growing Awareness

A new series and collaborative project highlights the effects of the anthropocene, a geological age defined by humanity’s impact on the planet.

Graphic Suburbia

For Linda McPhee, composition is crucial – through her images she explores the place where light, form and colour combine to elevate the commonplace.

Aesthetica Issue 91: Available Now

The October / November edition is about rejecting the divisions that are being brought about by certain global leaders. We must stand together.

Playing with Light

Wrapping cord around silk, inserting pins into fruit and elevating the status of quail eggs, Daniel Forero’s set designs are taut, balanced and, at times, comedic.

Polished Arrangements

There’s a Hopper-like sense of mystery to Roderick Vos’ work; paper planes fly through portal-like windows; mist descends onto a dinner table.

Glacial Topographies

Greg White’s featured images present the icy territories of Arjeplog, Sweden, ruminating around frosted car grills, intricate branches and driveways.

Beyond Borderlands

Shirin Neshat studies individual and cultural gestures, representing some of the most unstable, charged and conflicted moments of recent history.

Mirroring Today

Frieze London returns to Regent’s Park for 2019. Aesthetica navigates this year’s expansive programme, selecting must-attend events.

Despondent Narratives

Simon Kerola is a Swedish photographer inspired by the films of Terence Hill and Bud Spencer. He “explores the romance in melancholia.”

Deconstructing Ideals

Ryanna Allen explores the female experience. She is part of the Aesthetica x LCC Next Generation, featured in the August / September issue.

5 to See: This Weekend

Global shows explore themes of utopia, identity and artificial intelligence, offering visions of the future at a time of climate and political crisis.

Life in the City

Peter Hujar captured striking images of New York City’s built landscape whilst celebrating the lives of individuals in crisp black and white portraits.

Conceptual Ideas

The Other Art Fair returns to London with bold colours and bright ideas. Emerging conceptual artists explore the landscape and climate action.

Video Profile: Reggy Liu

Reggy Liu is a Chinese artist based in London. Her oil paintings and screenprints are about “Masquerade,” an issue combining art with neuropsychology – achieved through multidisciplinary practices.

Reinventing History

London’s Karnik Gallery is a new platform showcasing work by contemporary practitioners who draw from artistic traditions of the past.

Artes Mundi 9: Shortlist Announced

The Cardiff-based Artes Mundi prize returns for 2019 with a powerful shortlist, celebrating artists who engage with social reality and experience.

Referencing Romanticism

David van Dartel’s self-portraits appear out of soft, serene landscapes – figures reflected in deep blue water or emerging from tall dune grasses.

American Monuments

Lush yellows, radiant oranges and glowing reds. David Benjamin Sherry reimagines the surface of the US landscape in bright monochrome.

Digital Sculpture

Doug Aitken is exploring the rapidly changing relationships between human beings in an age dominated by technology and constant feeds.

Visual Interventions

Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee is part of the Next Generation – a collaboration between Aesthetica and LCC, foregrounding new talent in photography.

Notions of Identity

National Trust’s ‘Yorkshire! Achievement, Grit and Controversy’ is an exhibition celebrating the county’s most inspiring and provocative voices.

A Sense of Stillness

Beatriz Oliveira is part of the Next Generation – a collaboration between Aesthetica and LCC London, foregrounding new talent in lens-based media.

Compelling Portraiture

British Journal of Photography and Hoxton Mini Press join hands to engage with the diversity, creativity and energy of Britain.

5 to See: This Weekend

This weekend’s must-see exhibitions celebrate female talent throughout history – from seminal photography to today’s pioneering figures.

Perceptions of Today

Vienna Contemporary returns for 2019. The event looks at the evolving relationship between art, politics and the human condition.

Sculpting Reality

Alex Prager translates personal experiences and cultural references into hyperreal images and film. The artist discusses a new body of work.

Seeing Science

Aperture’s new publication charts how photography has played an integral role in communicating between science and society.

Urban Developments

Catherine Yass creates powerful photographic and video works exploring ideas of regeneration. The images are part of ‘Architecture of London.’

Autumnal Tensions

Carola Cappellari is part of the Next Generation – a collaboration between Aesthetica and LCC London, foregrounding new talent in lens-based media.

Illusory Narratives

Max Pinckers’ ‘Margins of Excess’ focuses on the stories of six characters based in North America – all of them presented as frauds by mass media.