Digital Topographies

Digital Topographies
Doug Aitken’s first video installation in New York for 10 years, New Era, tracks the reflections of Martin Cooper, inventor of the mobile phone. As Cooper discusses the technology and his visions of the future, the piece weaves his personal trajectory with that of a dystopian landscape in which natural and digital worlds coexist.
The work will be on display 303 Gallery, New York,  from 13 April, and Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zurich, from 9 June. Find out more here. 
1. Doug Aitken, NEW ERA, (still), 2018. Video installation with three channels of video (color, sound), three projections, freestanding room, PVC projection screens, mirrors. 10:00 minutes/loop, Installation dimensions variable. Image © Doug Aitken, courtesy 303 Gallery, New York.