One Month To Go: Enter the Aesthetica Art Prize

In a celebration of contemporary art, outstanding works shortlisted from the Aesthetica Art Prize will be displayed in the setting of York St Mary’s – York Art Gallery’s contemporary art space.

Ken Griffiths: Quiet Heroes, Ffotogallery

Created last year, Ken Griffiths’ series of photographic portraits capturing people and places celebrates individuals who continue to make remarkable contributions to their communities.

Evoking Nostalgia

Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr are not only well known for being outstanding British photographers, but for capturing the English landscape with familiarity.

Photographic Paintings

Gail Albert Halaban traced the steps of legendary artist Edward Hopper, travelling to Massachusetts to record the houses he painted 100 years before.

Documenting the Surreal

Combining colour, everyday objects and portraiture, Blackmon’s works are endlessly fascinating, and every return glance reveals a new angle or shape.

Experimental Photography

The analogue is increasingly marginalised in a digital climate that sees images everywhere; in this context the value of art photography is constantly questioned.

Momentary Views

Choosing a palette of bright hues, ordinary people and American landscapes, Joel Sternfeld is a multi-award-winning master of photography.

Edinburgh Art Festival

The Edinburgh Art Festival returns to Scotland from 1 August, immersing the city in cultural explorations of art. Running until 1 September, the festival features no less than 50 exhibitions.

Interview with Steve Lake, Production at ECM Records

Selected Signs is a collection of six disks featuring the music that was selected for the ECM exhibition, ECM – A Cultural Archaeology, at Haus der Kunst in Munich at the start of the year.

Interview with Founder of Art Collective, Pauline Richards

The Art Collective was originally launched to support and promote new and emerging artists. Working to help represent and showcase today’s top artists, the Art Collective has become a vital support system.

Flowers & Mushrooms, MdM Mönchsberg, Salzburg

Familiar flower and mushroom images of the past are having somewhat of a renaissance. MdM Mönchsberg examines the clichés and levels of meaning and symbolism behind the natural products.

Aquatopia, Nottingham Contemporary

Even in the modern age, 90 percent of the earth’s oceans still remain unexplored. Aquatopia examines how the ocean comes alive in human minds at Nottingham Contemporary this summer.

Laura Pannack: Young British Naturists, Leeds

Laura Pannack opens Young British Naturists at White Cloth Gallery. Exhibiting photos from a project that spanned three years, she gained access to the world of Britain’s naturists.

Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition at York St Mary’s

We take a look at one of the opportunities available for both Aesthetica Art Prize artists. Selected entries will be part of an exhibition held in York St Mary’s, York Art Gallery’s contemporary art space.

Gunnar Smoliansky: One Picture at a Time, London

One Picture at a Time is a collection of Smoliansky’s striking photographs. Running at Michael Hoppen Gallery, the exhibition demonstrates the artist’s interest in capturing the impossible.

‘Do it’, Manchester International Festival

Part of this year’s Manchester International Festival is being held at the Arndale Shopping Centre: Europe’s third largest mall and described as ‘the jewel in the city’s retail crown’.

Review of Points of Departure, ICA, London

An exhibition which takes Palestine as its focus will raise certain expectations. Points of Departure looks at the earth and soul of Palestine, rather than solely at the protracted conflict surrounding it.

Project Space: Word. Sound. Power. at Tate Modern

Word. Sound. Power. is the result of a curatorial collaboration between Tate Modern in London and Khoj International Artists’ Association in New Delhi, who will take the exhibition in early 2014.

Aesthetica Art Prize Open for Entries

The Aesthetica Art Prize 2013 is now open for entries, offering both budding and established artists the opportunity to showcase their work to a wider, international audience.

5 Under 30: Young Photographers’ Competition at Daniel Blau, London

Artists Marianne Bjornmyr, Madoka Furuhashi, Andi Schmied, Tereza Cervenova and Lara Morrell will have new and recent works displayed in 5 Under 30 at Daniel Blau Photography Gallery.