ASFF Top 10 Films by Female Filmmakers

ASFF Top 10 Films by Female Filmmakers

The Aesthetica Short Film Festival (ASFF) opens in just over a week, and is a celebration of excellence in short film right across the board. As the festival is the brainchild of our fabulous editor, Cherie, we’re extremely proud of how many great female filmmakers will be screening at the festival, and as a tribute to them, here’s our top ten for this year’s festival. Take a look at the stunning stills from some of the films and be sure to look out for all the following films next week from 9 – 11 November across the City of York.

Anya Camilleri – Perfect
A redundant estate agent takes revenge on the world.

Leanne Welham – Nocturn
Jody has insomnia. She walks the empty streets of suburbia. But tonight will be different.

Written by Marija Dakic and Milena Predic – Zalet
Two young actresses chasing a famous film director. True story.

Music Video
Vittoria Colonna – Come On
A renegade bride wreaks havoc in a typical Dublin pub, and all hell breaks loose…

Amanda Tasse – The Reality Clock
An elderly watchmaker’s struggle to accept the influence of early stage dementia on his identity and sense of time.

Julia Bacha, Rebekah Wingert-Jabi – My Neighbourhood
Mohammed is a Palestinian teenager in East Jerusalem.

Joanna Tam – Reduction Study (Ping Pong)
The video examines foreign accent perception in relation to social identity and cultural standardisation.

Anna Edwards – Dekay’s Guide to Estates
Rapper Dekay explores life on Maiden Lane Estate in this musical doc about finding community in urban decay.

Lily Baldwin – Sea Meadow
A woman stumbles upon an estate that haunts her with a stylised dance tableau.

Rose Glass – Storm House
In wordless isolation, something is changing…

Aesthetica Short Film Festival, 8 – 11 November, across the City of York.

All images courtesy of ASFF
1. Come On
2. Perfect
3. Zalet
4. My Neighbourhood
5. The Reality Clock
6. Reduction Study