Alain Clément, NIROXprojects, Johannesburg

As part of the France – South Africa Seasons, Nirox Foundation in association with Galerie Baudoin Lebon, Paris will be hosting French artist Alain Clément throughout September. In addition to one of Clément’s monumental sculptures being installed at the Nirox Foundation Sculpture Park – NIROXprojects will be hosting an exhibition of Clément’s wall sculptures at Arts on Main, Maboneng Precinct in Johannesburg.

The singularity of Alain Clement’s work lies on the close relations he establishes by constant round-trips between painting and sculpture. These relations are enriched by the practice of engraving to which he has been dedicating a peculiar care. Like drawings this technique allows him to evaluate the situation of his research about the space by insisting on the work on the line. The paradox is still running on and pretends, by this exercise, to transform the bi-dimensional space of the paper or the canvas into a field of experiment of the graven space. When Alain Clement was working on the painted wall relieves he was talking about colour in volumes. The colour was then disturbing the plans. Nowadays, painting still embodies this role but in a graphic dimension.

Values, strokes, lines, ribbons and frameworks are working on the space, denying, forcing, digging in it, in an abundant work, going beyond formalistic questions and claiming the expressive power of painting.

France and South Africa sit in different hemispheres, yet they have much in common: cultural diversity, innovative economies, excellent universities, strong sporting traditions, scientific and technological expertise. The France-South Africa Sessions will explore these common interests in a variety of different ways, and in doing so, will strengthen ties between the two countries. More than 70 projects, exhibitions, concerts, performances, colloquiums and interactive sessions will take place across South Africa during the six-month French Season. The French Season in South Africa will continue into November and will be followed by a South African Season in France between May and December 2013.

Alain Clément, 2 until 18 September, Unit 504, The Main Change, 20 Kruger Street, City & Suburban, 2094, Johannesburg.

Credits :12 A 2S, 2012, Alain Clément. Courtesy NIROXprojects