Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries Count Down 4 Days to Go – Hyung-Gyu Kim

Hyung-Gyu Kim was selected as one of last year’s finalists for the Aesthetica Art Prize, capturing the judges’ attention with his installation Chromaphone II that examines sound/colour associations from across the globe. Kim works through a range of methodologies, employing video, sculpture, sound and electronic components to forge hybrid memories and re-examine those once thought lost. Exhibiting in Japan, Korea and the USA, Kim’s Chromaphone II is the second in a series that explores the phenomenon of synesthesia, an experience of “seeing sounds” and “hearing colours.”

Re-examining the colours and sounds that have become inextricably linked with specific cultures, Kim aims to defeat pre-existing symbols, clichés and stereotypes that dictate or restrict meaning. Chromaphone II is an abstract image-song that combines sound and colour associations from the Western colour wheel and musical spectrum with the traditional Korean colour scheme and pentatonic scale.

The five wall-mounted tubes were painstakingly tuned to produce a “Korean” shade throughout the surrounding space, creating a unique audio-visual composition. Audiences are immersed in an alternative conception of colours and sounds from another land. The complex fusion of audio-visual material in this work breaks down the barriers of defined cultures, merging one form of synesthesia with another.

To enter into this year’s Art Prize, register your work before 31 August

1. Hyung-Gyu Kim, Chromaphone II. Aesthetica