Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries Count Down 13 Days to Go – Llewelynn Fletcher

Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries Count Down 13 Days to Go – Llewelynn Fletcher

There’s almost two weeks left to enter the Aesthetica Art Prize 2013. To mark the countdown, we’re taking a look at the longlisted artists from last year’s Prize. Today’s featured artist is Llewelynn Fletcher whose interactive piece Please Lie Down: Galaxy was selected for publication in the Art Prize Anthology in the Three-Dimensional Design & Sculpture category.

Fletcher creates inhabitable sculptures made for listening to one’s own inner space and body. Investigating the notion that both clothing and architecture are structures built around the body, she merges a material and physical engagement with questions of potential transformation and change. Part armour, part shelter, part costume, the artist’s sculptures examine how these structures can shift our perception of our external vulnerability. The artist questions if this perceived safety can allow an increased fragility and receptivity, and with that an increased sense of possibility and power. Ultimately, Fletcher’s sculptures pose new and thought-provoking questions, inviting people who interact with them to slow down and explore these possibilities for themselves.

Fletcher earned her MFA degree at California College of the Arts in 2010, and her BA from Dartmouth College in 1999. Recent exhibition venues include Hatch Gallery Kala Gallery, the Carville Annex, and SF Arts Commission Gallery. Fletcher currently lives and works in Oakland, CA.

To enter your work into this year’s Art Prize register your work before 31 August

1. Llewelynn Fletcher, Please Lie Down: Galaxy. Aesthetica