Chasing Time, The Olympic Museum, Switzerland

Chasing Time, The Olympic Museum, Switzerland

Time is a key part of competitive sport, much of which is rated according to speed; it’s an essential element for designating winners and losers and establishing records. This new exhibition at The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland explores the concept of time as it is understood and experienced in sport.

Starting with the Ancient Games, the visitor is taken through a route organised around nine sectors that illustrate the changing perceptions of time through the ages. Imaginative scenography from Lorenzo Greppi demonstrates the evolution of clock and linear time, moving towards the production of equipment for measuring and quantifying time. Quotes from athletes are presented alongside those from writers and sport is seen in dialogue with art.

Other works include chronophotographic images by Marey and works from Mel Brimfield and Michelangelo Pistoletto that look at record-breaking and the past, present and future. The exhibition is also accompanied by a series of events and educational programmes including concerts and performances alongside explorations about notions of duration and speed.

A celebration of the subtle relationship between time and sport, Chasing Time is a sophisticated exploration of man’s race against the Titans.

Chasing Time, until 18 January, The Olympic Museum, Quai d’Ouchy 1, 1001 Lausanne, Switzerland.

1. Copyright: Tomasz Gudzowaty

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