Uri Aran: Five Minutes Before, South London Gallery

Uri Aran: Five Minutes Before, South London Gallery

As the the inaugural Outset Artist-in-Residence, Uri Aran has spent the past two months living in the South London Gallery’s artists’ flat. His new exhibition at the gallery is his first solo exhibition in the UK and includes a new collection of works created during the course of his stay in London. Running until 23 February, the showcase runs alongside a presentation of art from Richard Fleischner.

Using his personal knowledge in combination with his interpretation of the SLG’s exhibition space, Aran has produced a precise collection of works focused around a back-projected video shot partly in the gallery’s flat. One piece is a captivating animation features two passport photos dancing in tandem with digitally-sourced patterns, interspersed with footage of a friend of the artist reading from a script while Aran audibly directs him, and scenes of children with bikes in a park. The work is layered with an orchestral soundtrack that alludes to a romantic potential and unites the art with the rest of the pieces in the exhibition.

Aran’s practice reaches out across many media, including video, sculpture, drawing and photography and he presents his individual works in carefully curated groups. Instead of building a visual and linguistic puzzle with one answer, the artist asks the audience to bring their own interpretation of the narrative. Within the space characters, props, settings and, at times, musical scores appear, offering the opportunity for the visitors to engage directly with the works.

Uri Aran: Five Minutes Before, until 23 February, South London Gallery, 65-67 Peckham Road, London SE5 8UH.

1. Uri Aran, courtesy of the gallery and the artist.