The Lake of Dreams

The Lake of Dreams

Kim Edwards

The Lake of Dreams is the second novel from Kim Edwards, author of the acclaimed The Memory Keeper’s Daughter and is a delicate exploration of family dynamics and histories. Lucy Jarrett returns home after many years absence to a changed place.

Still haunted by her father’s death a decade ago and unable to reconcile herself between home-life and independence, Lucy begins to question her desires and her choices. A chance discovery of some letters and a collection of stained glass windows soon sets Lucy on a journey to reveal the truth behind her family’s history and she is forced to make decisions about the direction of her life and those around her.

The story is occasionally a little slow moving, but The Lake of Dreams is a vibrant and beautiful book and Edwards creates a charming and captivating world. The characters are handled with a tender empathy and though Lucy Jarratt is sometimes a petulant and disagreeable protagonist, it is Edwards’ honest portrayals of human relationships that make this novel an evocative and emotional read.

Bryony Byrne