Tamsin Greig, Discusses Humour in Art, Unlock Art: What’s So Funny?

In Unlock Art: What’s So Funny? Tamsin Greig investigates how humour became central to many of the art movements of the past 100 years. The film examines how artists including Marcel Duchamp, René Magritte and Gilbert & George employed humour in their work to ridicule the status quo and explores how humour was used to observe the role of the individual in relation to authority and politics.

The Unlock Art film series is produced in collaboration between Tate and Le Méridien Hotels & Resorts and aims to unlock the big stories and ideas behind art, offering the need-to-know facts, and making the arts more accessible to a wider audience. Through the Unlock Art programme Le Méridien partners with cultural centres around the world to offer guests local, inspiring experiences, simply by presenting the Unlock Art room key.

The film series has previously explored surrealism with Peter Capaldi, double acts with The Kills, Pop with Alan Cumming, nudity with Dawn O’Porter, women with Jemima Kirke, the international art market with Sally Phillips and Frank Skinner. All of the short films are available to view online for free.

See the films here: www.lemeridienunlockart.starwoodpromos.com

1. Film courtesy of YouTube and Unlock Art.

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