Subodh Gupta: Recent Works, Galleryske, Bangalore, India

New Dehli artist, Subodh Gupta (b.1964) presents his first solo show in Bangalore in a series of visual diary entries at Galleryske until 7 December. Recording journeys made and food tasted on his travels around the world, this pictorial archive glimpses into the interior life of one the most audacious contemporary artists, recently dubbed as the “sub-continental Marcel Duchamp” by The Guardian.

Concerned with stillness and a slowing down of chaotic life, this show condenses down Gupta’s impressions, sensations and observations into a visual diary entitled Note to Self, mapping his movements from India to beyond. Central to the exhibition is a large installation piece, constructed with stainless steel buckets and tube lights. Reminiscent of a chandelier, Gupta uses the work as a celebration of life, love and food coming together in the intoxicating spirit of a shared meal.

Also on show are small sculptures placed on marble plinths that become a kind of couplet or doha and are inserted within a larger narrative, a space especially bracketed off from inside the greater corpus of Gupta’s work. Another means of blurring the distinctions between the visual and the written, this diary of paintings offers a blueprint in transforming the everyday and personal into the public and poetic, which aims to speak across cultures and experiences.

Subodh Gupta: Recent Works, until 7 December, Galleryske, 2 Berlie Street, Langford Town, Bangalore, 560 025 India.

1. Subodh Gupta, Aura, courtesy of Galleryske and the artist.