Yasushi KoyamaYasushi KoyamaYasushi KoyamaYasushi Koyama

Yasushi Koyama

Helsinki-based artist Japanese Yasushi Koyama’s ceramic sculptures marry his native popular culture with Scandinavian design methods.

Finnish sources such as Marimekko, Kim Simonsson and Moomin, as well as Japanese Manga, Anime and Yoshitomo Nara’s Neo-pop art have all strongly influenced his artistic language.

The gentle expression of the ceramic surface is fired at 1240°C without glaze. Simplicity and whimsical figures are prevalent – a contemporary juxtaposition is found in sculptures that are light-hearted and original.

Koyama’s Animals, an exhibition of his wood and ceramic animal sculptures, is at Auran Galleria, Turku, Finland until 17 December. For more information, click here.

To learn more about Auran Galleria and other galleries in Turku, click here.