Vincent da Vinci

UK-based Vincent da Vinci is known for an abstract use of Post-Pop Art lines superimposed with playable wordsearches.

Pushing the boundaries of digital and conceptual art, his most recent series Flags of the World communicates with viewers through linguistics, semiotics and cryptography.

Additional series include Celebrity Stars, Disasters of War and War on Terror.

Liberty’s X Escape by Brooklyn Bridge, 2015. Digital.
Part Detail of Liberty’s X Escape by Brooklyn Bridge, 2015. Digital.
Falling Stars, Stripes and Lady Liberty with Binary Code, 2015. Digital.
The Great Escape, Escape to Victory, 2016. Digital.
Do you speak English? 2018.
Do you speak American English? 2018.
Parlez-vous Français? Do you speak French? 2018.
Parli Italiano? Do you speak Italian? 2018.
¿Hablas Español? Do you speak Spanish? 2018.
Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Do you speak German? 2018.
All images are limited edition prints, 1 of 25 on A3 plus paper.